America's Healthiest Airports of 2021

by Kaeli Bauman

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Travel wellness is catching some serious buzz.  While travel wellness as a destination (think yoga retreats, eco tourism etc.) has been favored for a while, thinking of travel wellness holistically and switching our focus to the transit portion of our travels such as inflight and at airports has finally caught on.  

A flight delay doesn't have to put your health and wellness on hold, you don't have to give up your healthy habits during a business trip anymore.  

We believe that wellness-minded airports should offer healthy food options, provide designated relaxation zones to catch a nap and reduce the effects of jet lag, fitness options, yoga rooms, and an array of services to make your layover less stressful.

Our friends over at Vane Airport Mag focus on fitness and wellness finds at airports across the globe - in this post, they highlight the top 4 wellness airports in the USA.

The Top 4 Healthiest Airports in the US

San Francisco International (SFO)

    • San Francisco International Airport's score in the 2015 Airport Food Review was 42 healthy restaurants out of 51 restaurants. This is the concourse at the main ticket counter inside Terminal 2.
    • SFO has two yoga rooms. Where? Terminal 2, Boarding Area D and Terminal 3, Boarding Area E, near Gate 69. It’s free and open 24/7.
    • You an get some healthy by staying hydrated and drinking lots of water. Air travel can be very dehydrating, SFO Airport has many hydration stations.
    • Besides therapy dogs, they also have a therapy pig that will help make you smile.
    • SFO Airport has a garden, immersing yourself in nature an actually boosts the immune system, which in turn, increases our mental and physical health.
  • Not feeling well? The clinic offers urgent care such as earaches, headaches, dizziness, fever and flu-like symptoms. The clinic also has a certified travel vaccination center and occupational health services

Chicago O’hare Airport (ORD)

    • More than 90% of its 100 restaurants offer low-fat, fiber-rich, veggie-heavy meals. CIBO Express, for instance, has grilled veggie salads and kosher crackers and chips.
    • On-site Hilton Hotel in Terminal 2 offers workout equipment plus massages, a sauna, a lap pool, showers, and a Jacuzzi.  And it's open late, until 10 p.m., so even travelers flying from different time zones can find time to work out.
    • On the Mezzanine Level of the Terminal 3 Rotunda, there’s a yoga room complete with a sustainable bamboo wood floor, floor-to-ceiling mirrors, frosted windows to let in natural light, and yoga mats.
  • Besides getting some fitness and healthy food they also have 4 spa locations throughout the airport.
  • They have an amazing Farmers Market,  located in Terminal 3, Routunda with an extensive array of fruit and veggie to take on the go.

Dallas Fort Worth Airport (DFW) 

Launched a campaign in 2014 to be the "World's Healthiest Airport". Some reasons why DFW makes our list:

    • DFW Airport requires all food and beverage concessionaires to offer at least one healthy entrée or menu item.
    • DFW LiveWell Walking Path, which measures seven-tenths of a mile and features two optional step courses.
    • Yoga Studio that is open 24-7 in the “connector” between our D and B terminals.  It has a full-size practice mat, individual mats available for free use and a beginner instructional video that loops on an overhead monitor.
    • Airport therapy dog program because less stress leads to happiness that was just launched last October.
    • In addition, they have the Hyatt StayFit Gym, unfortunately, they do not provide day passes but hotel guests are most welcome.
  • Minute Suites has locations in 2 terminals to rest and rejuvenate.
  • Finally, they have a number of XpresSpas throughout the terminals.  They offer manicures, pedicures, and massages.

Miami International Airport (MIA)

We are big fans of MIA Airport! Besides healthy options, they have exceptional customer service.

  • Miami International Airport's score in the 2015 Airport Food Review was 52 healthy restaurants out of 72 restaurants.
  • If you want some pampering you can head over to Jettsetter Spa (South Terminal H) or Xpress Spa (D-10).
  • They have a meditation room where you can escape the noise.
  • Plenty of hydration stations you can refill your Travel Water Bottle.
  • A therapy dogs program to help you make your layover less ruff.
  • Miami Airport has a yoga room ready for you to OM out any stress. Mats are not provided. Located, in Terminal H (1st floor, Pre-security), open daily, 9am-9pm
  • They have living green wall installations where it works to clean the air and beautify the airport.

On your next trip, consider intentionally booking a layover at one of these four airports to check out all the health amenities, food, and services they offer!

Kaeli Bauman
Kaeli Bauman

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