Best Passport Wallets of 2021

by Sarah Peterson
Passport wallets are one of those overlooked travel accessories that most of us never really miss...

Until your passport is lost, stolen or sustains damage, that is. 

By providing secure storage for everything from travel documents and boarding passes to credit cards and cash, a passport wallet can help streamline your entire travel experience.  

Up your travel game (and protect your most important document) with a passport holder. We scoured the listings and read hundreds of reviews to roundup the best passport wallets of 2021

Too busy to browse? We get it. Skip straight to our top pick, the ultra-sturdy and stylish Bellroy Travel Folio.

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    Why a Passport Wallet is a Travel Must

    Passport holders aren't just stylish and convenient. They're practical too. Adding a passport wallet to your travel gear arsenal can help with:

    • Organization: Having quick and easy access to your passport, money, and other essentials will make navigating the airport that much easier. With everything in one place, you're also less likely to misplace or forget vital travel documents.
    • Protection: Slipping your passport into your pocket or dropping it into your bag is always an option, but it's also a fast track to folds and tears. Your passport is your ticket to adventure, so it makes sense to take care of it.
    • Security: Many passport wallets offer extra security features like RFID blocking technology, wrist straps, and slash-resistant materials to help safeguard your valuables from opportunistic criminals.

        Travel protip: Grab a wallet-sized portable key finder, like a Tile Mate Slim, and put it in your passport case. This will ensure it never goes missing! 

        How to Choose the Best Passport Wallet

        Not everyone has the same travel needs, so be sure to consider the following before you snap up the first passport wallet that catches your eye.


        Passport wallets come in a range of different sizes. If you're flying solo, a compact model with a single passport holder, a handful of card slots, and a cash pocket can be ideal. Jetting off with your crew in tow? Consider a family passport wallet with multiple passport holders and extra compartments.


        Keeping everything in one place has advantages, but it isn't without risk either. Anti-theft features and zippered closures can go a long way towards keeping your goods safe and secure. For added peace of mind, consider carrying your cash, cards, and ID in your everyday wallet and stashing your passport wallet and travel documents in your hotel safe.


        With so many awesome options out there, there's no need to sacrifice style for function. 

        Passport wallets are available in designs that range from luxurious leathers to lively leopard prints, and even the most basic models often come in a variety of colors. In the same vein, there are also plenty of understated options that will blend into the background if you'd rather not call attention to your valuables.

        Best Passport Wallets of 2021

        Got a handle on the basics? Great! Check out our top 10 passport wallet picks:

        #1. Bellroy Travel Folio

        Between sleek aesthetics, quality materials, and highly functional design, the Bellroy Travel Folio delivers equal parts style and substance. 

        The buttery soft, premium leather construction zips open to reveal a well-thought-out interior with room for 2 passports, up to 8 cards, cash, documents, a sim card, and a pen. If you're looking for a classy passport wallet that will log as many miles as you do, this option is hard to beat.

        • High-quality leather construction only gets better with age
        • Reasonably compact, yet spacious enough for solo travelers or couples
        • RFID protection and a zippered design keep contents safe and secure
        • Leather divider helps keep cash out of sight
        • The complementary micro pen is a nice touch
        • Available in multiple colors
          • Fitting 2 passports can be a tight squeeze
          • No change pocket
          • Pricey

          #2. Zero Grid Travel Wallet

          Family vacations are awesome, but keeping track of multiple passports can be stressful. If you're searching for something to help you shoulder the load, the Zero Grid Family Travel Wallet is just the ticket. Not only does this option hold up to 6 passports (in addition to cards, banknotes, change, tickets, and more) but it's also made with RFID blocking materials and zips closed to keep your travel essentials from falling out.

          • Holds enough for family trips without being ridiculously bulky
          • RFID-safe and zips shut for extra security
          • Thoughtfully designed with corner cutouts—a glance is all it takes to make sure everything's there 
          • Double layered ripstop nylon construction is durable and water-resistant
          • Comes with a handy micro pen
          • Excellent price point


          • Zippers can be a little sticky when moving over the corners
          • We'd love to see a wrist strap on this

          #3. WANDERINGS Leather Passport Wallet

          If you're a minimalist traveler, the sleek and simple WANDERINGS Leather Passport Wallet should be right up your alley. More or less the same size as a regular bifold wallet, this option can easily slip into a coat or pants pocket while keeping your passport, cards, currency, and boarding pass organized and safe. It's also handcrafted out of premium full-grain leather, so you can count on this wallet to age beautifully.

          • Full-grain Crazy Horse leather is tough and durable, and only improves with age
          • Handcrafted with keen attention to detail
          • Lined with RFID blocking materials to safeguard personal information
          • Compact, but fully functional
          • Backed by a 1-year guarantee
          • Only holds one passport
          • Cash pocket could be a little tighter 

          #4. Excello Global Products Leather Travel Wallet and Passport Holder

          If you love leather but need something large enough for multiple passports, the Excello Leather Travel Wallet is a solid choice. With 4 passport holders, 6 card slots, 2 large cash/ticket pockets, and a pen holder, this passport wallet is perfect for the average family. It also comes with 4 handy notebooks to help you record memorable moments or stay on top of your schedule.

          • Provides ample space for family travel documents, cards, and cash without being overly bulky
          • Zips shut for added security
          • The zipper is sturdy and works smoothly
          • Dark brown split-grain leather construction is attractive and decently durable  
          • Comes with 4 high-quality bonus notebooks  
          • Not RFID-safe
          • Split grain leather isn't quite as durable as full-grain leather
          • No change pocket

          #5. Pacsafe V150 RFIDsafe Passport Wallet

          It's always better to be safe than sorry, and when it comes to security, Pacsafe does it right. The V150 Passport Wallet is made with Pacsafes award-winning RFID blocking material and also comes with a tough-to-cut Dyneema webbing strap that can be attached to your wrist for carrying confidence. While it isn't family-sized, this wallet still holds 2 passports with room to spare.


          • Takes care of all your travel must-haves with room for 2 passports, a zippered cash compartment, 6 card slots, and 2 side slip pockets
          • Slash-resistant removable strap offers extra security
          • Reasonably compact, but large enough to replace an everyday wallet
          • Well made and built to last
          • A bit pricey compared to similar wallets, but the quality is definitely a cut above the rest

          #6. Apadi RFID Passport Wallet

          Not only is the Apadi Passport Wallet large enough to serve as a primary wallet for travel, but it's also stylish enough to pass as a pretty clutch, both at home and on the go. This multitasking passport wallet offers a generous number of slots and compartments and will follow you from the airport to the local cocktail lounge without missing a beat. It's also super affordable, but shhh—we won't tell if you don't.

          • Stylish and versatile
          • Holds up to 4 passports, as well as multiple cards, cash, tickets, a pen, and even a smartphone
          • RFID blocking layer keeps your personal information protected
          • Zips shut
          • Available in a variety of colors
          • PU leather construction isn't likely to last a lifetime
          • Not particularly masculine, so don't be disappointed if your partner refuses to carry it

          #7. Vemingo Family Passport Wallet

          Need extra space for a family trip, but don't want too much-added bulk? With the Vemingo Family Passport Wallet you can have your cake and eat it too. This innovative family passport wallet maximizes every inch of space with an additional flip-over center sleeve for tickets and cards. It holds up to 4 passports (or more, if you get creative) and also offers storage for everything from smartphones to keys. 

          • Holds a whopping 13 cards as well as 4 passports, tickets, banknotes, coins, keys, an ID card, and a pen
          • Accordion-like pockets expand to accommodate the extra bulk
          • Made of tear-resistant nylon, lined with RFID blocking material
          • The detachable wrist strap allows for hands-free carrying
          • Available in multiple colors
          • The look is a little bland, but this could be a bonus, depending on your perspective
          • Inner material feels a little flimsy but seems to hold up just fine

          #8. Zoppen Multi-Purpose RFID Blocking Passport Wallet

          The Zoppen Travel Wallet is an incredibly popular option, and with its generous dimensions, well-organized interior, and budget-friendly price tag, it isn't hard to see why. The trifold design opens up to reveal some seriously impressive storage features, including a dedicated smartphone slot, key holder, sim card pocket, zippered change compartment, and a pen holder—and those are just the stand-out features. If you're a firm believer in "a place for everything, and everything in its place," this is the passport wallet for you.

          • A vast number of pockets, slots, and compartments makes staying organized a breeze
          • Made with RFID blocking materials
          • Understated design works as well for business travel as it does for pleasure trips
          • PU leather construction is attractive, reasonably sturdy, and easy to keep clean
          • Available in a massive variety of colors
          • Affordable


          • It probably isn't the most durable passport wallet out there, but considering the price, we're not about to complain
          • Credit card slots are tight and might not fit more than one card per slot
          • Somewhat bulky

          #9. Casmonal Passport Wallet

          A thoughtful gift for both first time and seasoned travelers, the Casmonal Passport Wallet sums up the excitement of each new expedition perfectly with a short, but fitting, phrase printed onto the cover. The interior offers space for a single passport, a ticket or boarding pass, 4 cards, and banknotes, and a wide elasticated band wraps around the outside to hold it all in place. 

          • Genuine leather construction can take a bit of a beating
          • Holds all the basic documents a solo traveler's needs
          • The little phrase printed on the front cover gives it some character
          • RFID safe
          • The price is simply unbeatable
          • Print might eventually rub off 
          • Probably not be the best option for business travel

          #10. Mirror Mirror Honeymoon Passport Wallets

          This matching set of passport wallets definitely isn't for everyone, but they're so cute we just had to include them. If you know of a newlywed couple about to embark on a honeymoon, these adorable Mr and Mrs passport wallets make a thoughtful and practical gift. Love the idea, but want a gift with a little more substance? Why not pair them with these matching luggage tags from by Tri-Coastal Design?

          • Each wallet comes with space for a single passport, 3 cards, and some cash
          • Compact dimensions will easily slip into a pocket 
          • Cute and functional
          • Attractive price point
          • Although sturdy enough, the PVC construction doesn't bring much wow-factor in terms of quality
          • Limited (but memorable) usage options

          There you go—10 great travel document holders to help make any trip run a little smoother!

          Sarah Peterson
          Sarah Peterson

          Sarah Peterson is the co-founder and head of marketing at FLIGHTFŪD. She's a travel health expert and after having visited 20+ countries as a digital nomad and flying every 4-6 weeks for business, she became passionate about empowering others to protect their bodies on the go.

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