Bonaire’s Best Restaurants • Where to Eat in Bonaire

by Sarah Peterson

Make your vacation worthwhile by trying out the best restaurants in Bonaire. Complete your trip by tasting the best dishes and treats with this guide!

From diver's paradise to diner's paradise, foodies from all over the world love Bonaire’s amazing food. They have regional and international award-winning chefs around the island that offer a unique local touch to every meal, making your gastronomic experience a memorable one. 

Choose from fine dining and casual dining restaurants with spectacular ocean views or budget-friendly fast food and food trucks available all over the island. Satisfy your tastebuds and eat up a variety of international, Mediterranean, Caribbean delicacies and other local specialties.

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Bonairean Food: Your Guide to Bonaire’s Cuisine 

Unlike some food-centric destinations (think Italy, Greece, and Mexico), Bonaire isn’t exactly known for its food scene. With some of the world’s best diving, most visitors to this quaint Caribbean island visit for other reasons. 

But when you’re on Bonaire, there’s no reason to neglect your taste buds. Delight your palate with Bonaire’s diverse cuisine. 

Bonaire’s culinary scene is unique, because it’s not only a Caribbean island, but it’s also part of the Kingdom of the Netherlands. You can expect both Dutch and Caribbean influences but a global presence at your dinner table when dining in Bonaire. 

Have you tasted an iguana stew before? It’s one of the local dishes you should eat in Bonaire!

Other local dishes like sopi piska (local fish soup) or keshi yena (hollowed-out Edam cheese stuffed with meat) are a must-try, too. 

Bonaire is also the only island with cactus liquor so don't leave the island without trying it out.

11 Best Restaurants in Bonaire

It’s hard to decide where to eat once you’re in Bonaire, but this list will help you to know where to stop for food around the island!

#1. CHEFS Bonaire

Best restaurants in Bonaire

The chefs will personally welcome you with a drink and accompany you to your seat. Make sure to reserve ahead of time because the seats are limited! 

You're not only paying for the food but also the experience. CHEFS brings people closer while also letting guests enjoy an intimate culinary experience. The chefs will listen to your needs and surprise you with a menu while noting any food you don't want or your allergies. 

Their 5-course menu can be ordered with or without wine pairing. Enjoy a variety of dishes including International cuisine, Japanese fusion, and more.

Neighborhood: Located at Bamboo Bali Resort at Bonaire’s capital, Kralendijk
Type: Fine Dining, International/Caribbean Cuisine
Best for: Any foodie will love the fine dining experience at CHEFS

#2. It Rains Fishes

Best restaurants in Bonaire

It Rains Fishes’ culinary specialty are local fishes that are caught daily!

Some of the must-try dishes are their fresh Catch of the Day. Mahi-mahi is one of their usual catch of the day and it's especially great in Caribbean. They pair it with vegetables, small potatoes, and special chef's sauce that enhances mahi-mahi's taste.

Neighborhood: Settled on the boulevard in the center of Kralendijk
Type: Casual Dining, International Cuisine, Fresh Seafood
Best for: Families with children or tourists who want to try the local cuisine

#3. Mezza Restaurant

Best restaurants in Bonaire

For a mix of Mediterranean and Middle Eastern cuisine, go to Mezze Restaurant. This palace is great for families or even if you just need a table for two!

You need to try their tender and flavourful lamb shank or their muhammar and hummus which comes with a deliciously thin and soft pita bread. Finish the meal with coffee, tea, or their Kunefe (layers the cheese between semolina pudding) with pistachio! 

Neighborhood: Located at Playa Pariba in Kralendijk
Type: Mediterranean, Middle Eastern cuisine
Best for: Suitable for groups or families

#4. Kite City Food Truck

Best restaurants in Bonaire

For a casual but delicious place to eat, try Kite City Food Truck. Enjoy the great ambiance since this food truck is located at Te Amo Beach. 

Kite City has locally caught fish daily which affects their seafood menu every day. Their MahiMahi 'burger' is a combination of three good-sized pieces of fish in a hamburger bun with lettuce, tomato and sauce to make it tasty. Great for chilling out on the beach while you drink cold beer!

Neighborhood: Te Amo Beach near the Flamingo Airport
Type: Fast food truck, International Cuisine, Fresh Seafood
Best for: Solo travelers or casual diners

#5. Gio's Gelateria & Caffe

Best restaurants in Bonaire

Visit Gio's Gelateria & Caffe if you’re looking for a quick stop for desserts, snacks, or refreshments after strolling around the city.

Tons of their homemade gelato are made with real fruit so you can have a taste of real coconut, cocoa, and more. Their oreo ice cream tastes like a fresh frozen cookie. Popular with kids and adults alike! Even the cones are house-made and they're really crispy!

Neighborhood: Kaya Grandi, Kralendijk
Type: Dessert, Cafe
Best for: For any sweet tooth or families with kids

#6. Bobbejan's BBQ

Best restaurants in Bonaire

Bobbejan's BBQ is a cozy restaurant in the city. Even locals rave about their food! 

Stop by and try their barbeques, tender ribs, and Indonesian-style chicken satay with velvety peanut sauce. The ribs and chicken are fatty enough to have great flavor without the greasy feeling!

Neighborhood: Located at the heart of Kralendijk
Type: Barbeque, Local cuisine
Best for: Meat lovers or families

#7. Brass Boer

Best restaurants in Bonaire

Brass Boer takes fine dining to the next level with their incredible food and gorgeous location. The overlooking ocean and sunset view makes the dining experience romantic and perfect for couples!

This restaurant serves De Librije classics and dishes made with local produce. Relish their foie gras, oysters, and cream oloroso which has a smooth and creamy taste. Partner it with ‘Kus van Thérèse’ (‘Kiss from Therese) wine or simply ask the staff for the selection of beverage that suits your food of choice.

Neighborhood: Delfin Beach Resort in Kralendijk
Type: Fine Dining, International/Caribbean Cuisine
Best for: Families or couples

#8. Cactus Blue

Best restaurants in Bonaire

Always craving for burgers? Cactus Blue’s lionfish burger is cooked perfectly and it's just as delicious as a beef burger!

Customers keep coming back for lunch at Cactus Blue. It's also a good place to pause and drink some refreshments after a dive or a swim. Quench your thirst with ice-cold drinks or try their homemade dessert called 'Flamingo Droppings' which tastes like melted chocolate bar and caramel with nuts on top!

Neighborhood: Located at Donkey beach near the Corporal Meiss dive site
Type: Fast food, Seafood
Best for: Burger or seafood lovers, groups

#9. Posada Para Mira

Best restaurants in Bonaire

One of the beloved local restaurants in Rincon is the Posada Para Mira. The overlooking view of the hills and the town is stunning and makes the journey worth it.

Eat like a local and order their goat stew, fresh local fish, or iguana stew. The iguana stew looks like a dark meat of turkey and tastes like chicken. You can also go for a tender and flavorful goat stew!

If you want to refresh after being outside for too long, their fresh homemade lemon and tamarind juice will do the trick!

Neighborhood: At the outskirts of Rincon, Bonaire
Type: Caribbean, Fast casual dining, South American
Best for: Food bloggers, families with children, and groups

#10. Yhanni’s Arepas

Best restaurants in Bonaire

For a simple lunch or after dive snack, Yhanni’s Arepas is a great place to eat. This quaint and thatch-roofed restaurant at Coco Beach allows you to enjoy a lovely view of the turquoise sea while dining in. 

Yhanni's serves traditional Arepas made of corn pita bread originally from Venezuela. It’s crispy on the outside and creamy on the inside. The areap is filled with BBQ beef, chicken, pork, or fish and made more delicious with their Yhanni's traditional homemade sauces! 

Neighborhood: Located near the entrance of Coco Beach
Type: Fast food, South American/ Caribbean Cuisine
Best for: Anyone looking for Venezuelan taste on Bonaire

#11. Spice Beach Club

Best restaurants in Bonaire

The relaxed ambiance is what makes Spice Beach Club a great hangout place for colleagues, friends, and families. Enjoy the fresh tuna and smoothie during the day, then stay for the live entertainment and happy hour at night. 

A cold beer or a mix of delicious cocktail drinks while listening to bands or watching comedians is a great way to end a day of adventure on the island. Don’t forget to stop by for a night of fun! 

Neighborhood: Located at the Eden Beach Resort
Type: Casual Dining, Nightlife, International cuisine, Seafood
Best for: Live music or live entertainment fans


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