Curaçao’s Best Restaurants • Where to Eat in Curaçao

by Sarah Peterson

Travel is for self-care, adventure, and definitely eating. 

Figuring out where to eat is one of the best parts of exploring any new city or location, and the best way to immerse yourself in local culture is to experience it through the native cuisine. 

Curaçao incorporates international cuisine with its own Caribbean flair.

With tons of restaurants and snack bars scattered all over the island you’ll be spoilt for choice, and that can get confusing when you’re trying to decide where to eat. 

To help you decide we’ve put together a list of the 10 best restaurants in Curaçao. 

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Curaçaoan Food: Your Guide to Curaçao Cuisine 

Like Bonaire and Aruba, Curaçao ’s food scene is influenced by both Caribbean and Dutch cuisines, due to its status as part of the Kingdom of the Netherlands. 

You can expect lots of fresh seafood (it is an island, after all), as well as Caribbean flavor but a global presence at your table when dining in Curaçao .

Try things like Keshi Yena, Stoba, Bitterballen, Oliebollen, Funchi. 

As much as they sound like the names of ancient philosophers, these are some of the local foods you will find on the island. 

But if you prefer food with simpler names, you will find just about any cuisine since it’s a popular tourist destination.

Best Restaurants in Curaçao 

Between snorkelling, beach hopping, and all of the other things to do in Curaçao, you’ll work up an appetite. Sun and fun isn’t the only thing to look forward to here. 

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Here’s a list of the 10 best restaurants in Curaçao . 

#1. The Wine Cellar 

Where to eat Curacao

The Wine Cellar is a renowned and exclusive French restaurant in Curaçao ; the perfect place for a romantic dinner and a night of fine wine tasting. 

The menu is extensive, and the wine list is even more impressive. A selection of wines from South Africa, Australia, New Zealand, Chile, Argentina, America, France, Spain and Italy should suffice for the most avid connoisseur of fine wine. 

The restaurant has a keen focus on health, using only the freshest herbs and virgin olive oil in their cooking. Sip on Italian coffee after a mouthwatering dessert and enjoy the fine art on display. The perfect ambience for a sophisticated and romantic night out. 

Neighborhood: Willemstad

Type: Authentic French cuisine with a Caribbean flair; specializing in wines. 

Best for: Couples looking for a romantic dinner. Wine lovers. 

#2. Cana Bar and Restaurant

Where to eat in Curacao

Cana is a Caribbean/Latin style restaurant with a great drinks menu that has received rave reviews over their food and friendly staff. 

One of their unique features is they make their own sodas and will even send you away with a few bottles of it, if you so choose.

They serve everything from finger foods to full on beef and ribs for those with a bigger appetite. Great place to have your family dinner as they have plenty of seating for large groups. You can make reservations online or chat to them on WhatsApp; details on their website. 

Neighborhood: Willemstad

Type: Caribbean/Latin food and cocktails.

Best for: Families or groups. Those wanting to sample new and unique drinks. 

#3. La Boheme Curaçao 

Where to eat in Curacao

An informal and smaller, inexpensive type of restaurant run by a Chilean family, La Boheme Curaçao serves mainly arepas, sandwiches and burgers. A great place to grab lunch or something light. 

Try their signature burger, “The Fat Bastard”.

If you’re not in the mood for a whole meal, this restaurant specializes in smoothies, with a whole two pages of the menu devoted only to smoothies!

Neighborhood: Punda.

Type: Chilean with a Caribbean flavor; specializes in smoothies.

Best for: Lunch, or just a smoothie if you’re not that hungry.

#4. Deja Vu

Where to eat in Curacao

Deja Vu is another authentic French restaurant serving three course dinners. 

Housed in one of the heritage buildings in Curaçao , the restaurant has an imitation bridge and several photo booth props to satisfy the social media selfie enthusiast. 

From lobster, escargot to duck breast and a fine selection of French wines, Deja Vu has a big enough menu for a sumptuous 3 course dinner. They cater for birthdays and private business events as well. 

Neighborhood: Pietermaai.

Type: French cuisine and wine.

Best for: Lunch or dinner. Also a good place to book birthday parties and private events. 

#5. Shelterrock Paradise

Where to eat in Curacao

Enjoy a spectacular view and real island-style ambience at the Shelterrock Paradise. The food and drinks here are moderately priced but not moderate in quality. 

As a special feature, every Friday night is Coconut Night, where meals are prepared inside a coconut. Choose from Shrimp, Seafood Mix , Vegetarian, Chicken or Beef; all prepared under hot coals. After a few Tequilas, you might just be brave enough for Karaoke Night!

Neighborhood: Willemstad.

Type: Local cuisine.

Best for: Local cuisine and trying out your shower voice.

#6. El Gaucho

Where to eat in Curacao

El Gaucho is an Argentinian restaurant specializing in steak, but also serves poultry and fish; perfect for all carnivores. The restaurant is situated at higher altitude, offering a spectacular view of the island. 

Cigar lovers can indulge in a rare selection while sipping on premium single malt scotch, cognac, brandy or the finest port wine. One of the few restaurants open for dinner on New Years Eve. 

Neighborhood: Willemstad.

Type: Steakhouse. 

Best for: Quiet dinner with a good view. Cigar smokers and scotch/brandy drinkers. 

#7. Restaurant Cristal 

Where to eat in Curacao

Converting a monumental building into a restaurant has given the Restaurant Cristal a homely and comfortable atmosphere With cozy corners, terrace seating, a private room and the chef’s table on the patio, it won’t be hard to find the perfect seat. 

The wine list is impressive, with more than 30 open wines and over 70 by the bottle. Local products like Okra (jambo), Kabritu (goat), Bulado (flying fish) and Alablanca (pigeon) are the main ingredients in their dishes. For business lunches/dinners there’s a “create” room, fitted with Wi-Fi and smart TV for presentations. 

Neighborhood: Pietermaai.

Type: Classic French cuisine with a Caribbean flair. European ambience.

Best for: A quieter setting for couples, or a business dinner/lunch.

#8. Baoase Culinary Beach Restaurant

Where to eat in Curacao

With private beachside seating where the water can literally brush your leg, the Baoase Culinary Beach Restaurant is located inside the Baoase Luxury Resort. Exquisite views can be turned into an exclusive romantic dinner for two by choosing the private dining option; your very own gazebo in a secluded space with 3 course meals. 

Breakfast and a la carte lunch and dinner is served here, and a beach bar is right behind the seating area. Reservations are necessary for non-resort guests.

Neighborhood: Willemstad

Type: French, Asian and Caribbean cuisine.

Best for: Couples. Honeymooners looking for a private, romantic experience. 

#9. Poke Food Station

Where to eat in Curacao

For Caribbean style Poké Bowls, otherwise known as “Deconstructed Sushi Bowls”, Poke Food Station is the place to grab a quick lunch. Choose from raw (Salmon and Tuna) and cooked protein options (Shrimp, Beef, Chicken and Tofu for the vegans) to create your own bowl. 

Sushi lovers will get their fill here too. There’s a keen focus on healthy eating, with Hawaiian style seafood and gluten free options also on the menu. The poke bowl with Salmon is rated highly by travelers. 

Neighborhood: Willemstad

Type: Seafood, poke bowls, Hawaiian and Caribbean style

Best for: Family lunch (open from 11am). 

#10. Omundo Restaurant

Where to eat in Curacao

Omuno is located in the heart of Willemstad and offers indoor and outdoor seating. Lunch and dinner is available, but not breakfast (the restaurant opens at 12pm). 

Cuisine is international in range but the house special is the signature Omundo burger. Poke bowls can be made up with your choice of ingredients.

There is a fine selection of wine, gluten free options and vegetarian meals as well. Travelers have commented that Omundo handled very large groups with ease.

Neighborhood: Willemstad

Type: International and European cuisine. Wine bar. 

Best for: Families and large groups.

From International to local and regional cuisine, you won’t go hungry on the island, even if Curaçao isn’t exactly a food-centric travel destination. 

Enjoy the island, its people and its cuisine. 

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