The Bahamas’ Best Restaurants • Where to Eat in The Bahamas

by Sarah Peterson

If you’re looking to find the best restaurants in the Bahamas, look no further. 

The Bahamas is a stunning country with around 700 subtropical islands and 2400 cays. Aside from the unbelievable beaches, unique mangroves, and Instagram-worthy places to explore, the Bahamas is also excellent for foodies. 

From fine dining restaurants to scruffy beach shacks, explore your best Bahamas restaurant options below. 

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Bahamian Food: Your Guide to The Bahamas Cuisine 

Bahamian food has an interesting mix of cultures, histories, and of course, cuisine. 

Being a Caribbean island, the main dishes are seafood-based and the island has embraced a variety of herbs and spices from West Africa, the Americas, and beyond. 

Some of the most popular seafood to try are crustaceans, lobsters, conch, fish, crabs, and shellfish. In fact, most restaurants feature these ingredients fresh from the ocean daily. 

Other dishes to try are chicken souse which is a hearty soup made with onions, bell peppers, and veggies. 

Baked crab is another irresistible dish with a flavorful taste from seasoning, breadcrumbs, and spices. Try these with Bahama Mama which consists of rum, coffee-flavored liqueur, and freshly squeezed lemon and pineapple juice.

You can skip to the restaurant you’re curious about or read the entire list to get ideas of where to go for specific cravings.

9 Best Restaurants in The Bahamas

Get some taste of true Bahamian food and other international cuisines from these amazing dining options.

#1. Café Matisse

best restaurants in The Bahamas

Café Matisse gives you casual gourmet dining. From the artworks to the menu, this Henri Matisse-inspired café captures the painter’s whimsical yet elegant style. 

Visiting the area for a special occasion or just looking for a place for dinner? Whatever it is, the dining experience at Café Matisse is splendid. Try their al dente linguine or the lamb shank that’s so tender it falls off the bone. The octopus starter and local hogfish are tasty, too. 

With its romantic ambiance, excellent service, and great food, you’ll want to revisit this café whenever you’re in Nassau.

Neighborhood: Bank Lane, Nassau New Providence Island

Type: Italian cuisine with a Bahamian twist

Best for: Date or special occasions

#2. Curly’s Restaurant and Bar

best restaurants in The Bahamas

Visit Curly's if you're craving Bahamian or seafood dishes. The vibes are just as amazing as their food.

The grouper fingers are amazing and cooked to perfection. You can't miss the cracked conch and make sure to save room for some guava duff, a local dessert folded into pastry dough and served with a creamy sauce. 

Neighborhood: Arawak Cay Fish Fry, Nassau New Providence Island

Type: Bahamian, Seafood, Caribbean, Bar

Best for: Families or friends who want some local flavor

#3. Santanna's Bar and Grill

best restaurants in The Bahamas

If you're dropping by at Great Exuma while island hopping, Santanna's Bar and Grill is the perfect destination for lunch or late-night dinner. You might even see some lemon sharks swimming by!

Lightly seasoned and deep-fried lobsters partnered with almost-candied onions are buttery sweet. Bahamian peas and rice often combined with salted pork or bacon and veggies taste heavenly with some ribs, coleslaw. shrimp, and cracked conch.

Neighborhood: William's Town, Little Exuma, Great Exuma

Type: Caribbean, Bar, Seafood

Best for: Seafood lovers looking for great food and view

#4. Tropic Breeze Beach Bar & Grill

best restaurants in The Bahamas

Going for lunch? Tropic Breeze Beach Bar & Grill serves delightful seafood meals with Bahamian and Caribbean influence. 

The grilled, poached, or fried seafood platter which includes shrimp, lobster bites, and grouper fingers tastes wonderful with rice and peas. If you're looking for some juicy and flavorful meat, have a bite of their cheeseburgers, Caribbean jerk wings, or orange chicken.

Neighborhood: George Town, Great Exuma

Type: Caribbean, Seafood, Bar

Best for: Friends or families with kids

#5. 1648 - An Island Restaurant

best restaurants in The Bahamas

1648 - An Island Restaurant has elegant indoor and outdoor seating which overlooks the stunning view of Cupid's Cay and Governor's Harbor. This gives any visitor a great dining experience, especially right before the sunset. 

They have a catch of the day in their menu like blackened mahi-mahi so you always get fresh seafood. The lobster bisque in a roux instead of a cream base is one of their unique offerings. Their conch chowder is a medley of flavors of conch meat, red pepper, garlic, potatoes, tomato base, and other spices.

Neighborhood: Queens Highway French Leave Eleuthera, Governor's Harbor 

Type: American, Caribbean, Seafood, Bahamian 

Best for: Couples, friends, and families

#6.Oh Andros

best restaurants in The Bahamas

Oh Andros features Caribbean and Bahamian seafood dishes, and they're generous with the servings. Take note that they serve meals in large portions. You and your group certainly won’t leave hungry here. 

Some of the must-try here are their smoky grilled shrimp, crisp snapper with rice and peas, coleslaw, conch fritters, and Bahama Mama for a boozy drink!

Neighborhood: Fish Fry Area, Nassau New Providence Island

Type: Caribbean, Seafood, Bahamian

Best for: Large group of friends or families

#7. Senor Frog’s Freeport

best restaurants in The Bahamas

Senor Frog's Freeport is a festive little bar with tons of fun, delicious food, and great drinks! Some of their food are Tex-Mex tacos stuffed with beef, cheddar cheese, and sour cream or chicken fingers with buffalo or honey mustard sauce. You can also try the nachos and homemade salsa. 

And those who join the conga can even get some free shots!

Neighborhood: Freeport Harbor, Freeport Grand Bahama Island

Type: American, Caribbean, Bar

Best for: Groups looking for a fun place to drink

#8. Cappucino's Fine Italian Restaurant

best restaurants in The Bahamas

Cappucino's Fine Italian Restaurant is a small cozy place with a pleasant ambiance. It's a hidden gem tucked away from the busy marketplace in Freeport. 

The place serves great Italian dishes. All the pasta and sauces are well-cooked. The white anchovies with broccoli and shaved Parmesan are a great starter. The lasagna tastes great and there are also some seafood menus like grilled mahi-mahi and shellfish. 

Neighborhood: Lucaya Marketplace, Freeport Grand Bahama Island

Type: Italian

Best for: Solo, couples, or business travel

#9. Athena Café & Bar

best restaurants in The Bahamas

Mediterranean and Greek cuisine with Bahamian twist? Get it at Athena Cafe and Bar. This cozy place is located at the heart of downtown Bay Street. 

Greek omelet which is mixed with feta, olives, spinach, and onions tastes refreshing in the morning. If you're stopping by for lunch, seafood is a must-try here. Whether it’s Athenian-style grouper, snapper, or lobster, you get to enjoy deep-fried or grilled dishes with fine herbs and lemon. 

Some of their well-sought snacks are the gyros where you can choose from lamb, chicken, falafel, pork, and more. Did we mention that they also have a marinated hand-carved kebab-style meat? Yum!

Neighborhood: Bay & Charlotte Street, Down Town, Nassau, Nassau New Providence Island

Type: Mediterranean, European, Greek

Best for: Families or friends

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