20 Travel Subscription Boxes for Frequent Flyers in 2021

by Kristine Auble

With your next flight already booked, you don’t have time to scour the internet for more travel supplies.

Before you rush to order that new book, must-have moisturizer or tasty snack for your next trip, you might want to consider ordering a travel subscription box.

A box filled with everything you need for your travels or exactly what you need to get motivated for another trip could be waiting for you at your doorstep. 

We created this guide to more than 20 travel subscription boxes so you can decide which box is best for you.

    The 20 Best Travel Subscription Boxes for Frequent Flyers

    Travel boxes offer a variety of exciting and helpful products so we want to help you find a box that gives you everything you need for a personalized travel experience. 

    #1. Wanderpak 

    best travel subscription boxes: wanderpak

    Best for: Travel basics

    Simply type in your next destination, choose your travel style, and Wander Pack will do the rest. This travel subscription box is completely tailored to your personal travel experience. 

    Once you enter your information, your box is customized with 10 to 13 travel essentials based on your next trip. Your box will also include travel tips specific to your destination so you can feel like a local before you even arrive.

    You can also build your own box if you know what you need and don't like surprises.

    So if you know where you’re headed and how you like to travel, Wanderpak is a great way for you to get personalized items before your next trip. 

    #2. The Wanderlust Box

    best travel subscription boxes: wanderlust box

    Best for: Travel basics

    Restock on beauty, style, fitness, and, of course, your travel essentials every three months with The Wanderlust subscription box. With a different iconic beach theme every quarter, this box will send you premium full-sized products from around the world that will be sure to get you refreshed and ready for another trip to an exotic destination.

    Each box you receive will keep you up to date on the latest travel trends so even while you’re busy flying from place to place, you can stay in the loop with the latest travel must-haves. 

    #3. Flygirl Box

    best travel subscription box: flygirl box

    Best for: Travel basics

    What better way to get ready for a trip than with the help of an expert? The Flygirl Box will give you flight attendant-approved items that are hand-picked to make your trip as smooth as possible. Each month, you’ll receive an item for your suitcase or purse, an item for your lunch box, a snack or food item as well as one travel size toiletry or beauty product. 

    This box is designed to make travel easier and more enjoyable for the frequent flyer by making sure each month you’ll have exactly what you need for your next trip. You even have the option of choosing a mini box if you only need a little help restocking between flights. 

    #4. Explore Local Box 

    best travel subscription boxes: explore local

    Best for: Travel tips and inspiration

    Feel like a local in a new city every month with the Explore Local Box. This travel subscription box gives you popular snacks and products made by local artisans as well as a detailed, watercolor map of a new city every month. You’ll be able to experience a new and even unfamiliar location without even having to purchase a plane ticket.

    This box is great for travel inspiration and can help you feel like a local once you get to where you’re going.

    #5. The Wordy Traveler

    best travel subscription boxes

    Best for: Travel entertainment 

    A good book can be a lifesaver on a long haul flight or when you’re struggling to sleep on a red-eye flight. If you’re already an avid reader and want even more travel-inspiring books, the Wordy Traveler subscription box is perfect for you. Every three months you’ll receive a box that’s filled with books chosen by travel experts like yourself. You’ll stay up to date with the latest travel books and have new reads to keep you going on your travels.

    Along with being part of a book-loving community, you’ll also help contribute to charities that provide education for women and girls across the world with your purchase of a Wordy Traveler subscription box. 

    #6. Vacation Crate

    Best for: Travel basics

    If you feel like you need a vacation at least once a month and constantly need more supplies before you head out then Vacation Crate is the box for you. This subscription box sends eight to 10 artisanal items and beauty products to get you inspired and prepared for your next trip. 

    Vacation Crate will help you restock on travel essentials while giving you a reason to get excited each time your box gets delivered. 

    #7. Match Made Coffee

    Best for: Travel fuel

    Travel takes a lot of energy and this box is a great gift for you or the coffee lover in your life. With organic coffee from around the world paired with hand-baked gourmet cookies, the Match Made Coffee subscription box is a great way to start the morning of your travel day. This box matches each cookie with the perfect coffee each month for the ideal combination. 

    With the Match Made Coffee subscription box giving you a customized experience every month, who needs to wait in that long line at the airport Starbucks? 

    #8. Atlas Coffee Club 

    travel subscriptions

    Best for: Travel fuel

    Another great travel subscription box for coffee lovers on the go is the Atlas Coffee Club. This box acts as your coffee tour guide as you try different brews from around the world. 

    Each month you’ll get 12 ounces of freshly-roasted coffee from places like Colombia, Costa Rica and countless other destinations as well as flavor notes, a postcard, and brewing tips.

    You’ll feel like a coffee connoisseur getting a taste of global flavors at the comfort of your own home with this subscription box.

    #9. Fit Snack Box 

    fit snack box travel

    Best for: Travel Fuel

    It’s important to stay healthy when you travel, but hitting the store for healthy snacks before you leave can be tough. Get all the healthy snacks you need before your flight without having to search all over the grocery store with the Fit Snack Box. Each month you’ll get healthy snacks from brands around the globe, fitness tools and nutritional tips to keep you healthy on your travels. 

    Airports are difficult to navigate when it comes to food and you don't want to give up your healthy diet because you’re pressed for time. Let the healthy snacks find you instead with a subscription to Fit Snack Box.

    #10. Graze


    Best for: Travel fuel

    If you’re a picky eater and want more control over the healthy snacks you bring with you for your next flight, the Graze subscription box gives you a customizable snack experience. 

    Graze will tailor your snack options to fit your specific tastes. Each box has nutritious snacks that are tasty too and each month you’ll be able to give your own feedback for a better selection each time your order ships. 

    So if you want a more personalized snack experience that will keep you healthy on your next trip, Graze is the travel box for you.

    #11. Cairn

    cairn travel box

    Best for: Outdoor travelers

    If you love hiking new trails, camping under the stars, or getting to know the natural landscape of a new destination when you travel then the Cairn subscription box will give you everything you need for your next outdoor adventure. 

    Each month you’ll get the chance to try the latest outdoor gear for activities like hiking and camping and you’ll be able to stock up on new products like tents, chairs and other camping supplies. 

    With the Cairn box, you can even donate your gently used outdoor gear that benefits the Outdoors for All charity organization. 

    #12. Camp Life Crate

    travel box

    Best for: Outdoor travelers

    Another outdoors specific subscription box is the Camp Life Crate. Each season you’ll receive six to eight camping-specific items in your box that will help you restock before another trip into the great outdoors. These items can include snacks, RV gear, clothing, decor, organizational items and other surprises for the frequent camper. 

    You don’t want to be short on camping supplies when you’re miles from the nearest store and any kind of internet connection. So make sure you’re a happy camper with Camp Life Crate giving you everything you need for your next camping trip.

    #13. The Happy Glamper

    Best for: Luxury outdoor travelers

    You might like camping when you travel, but prefer an elevated outdoor experience. With The Happy Glamper subscription box, you’ll have everything you need for a luxury camping experience. Each box will have four to six luxury camping items as well as discounts on glamping locations. 

    So if you’re the kind of camper who prefers a healthy distance between you and nature, then The Happy Glamper will help you get ready to camp in style before your next trip. 

    #14. PowMau

    Best for: Adventure travelers

    If your travel plans involve anything from the mountains to the ocean then PowMau is the box for you. Each month you’ll receive three to five outdoor products from premium brands that cater to the outdoor traveler. PowMau will send you everything from clothing, accessories, snacks, and other outdoor gear. 

    They do so at a fraction of the regular retail price so you can save more money for important things like plane tickets. 

    #15. Jetsetter Chic

    Best for: Travel basics

    As a travel subscription box created by a flight attendant, you know Jetsetter Chic will have everything you need for your next trip. This box will help you feel prepared for your busy travel schedule with a 30 day supply of TSA compliant skincare, health products, and stylish travel gear.

    It’s important to stay healthy while you travel and you might not have time to restock your travel supplies in between flights. A monthly delivery from Jetsetter Chic is the perfect way to stay on track for all your upcoming travels especially if you have any long haul flights in your future. 

    Note: While this box is still a great choice, unfortunately the company is currently putting a hold on orders due to a difficult personal loss for the company’s owner.

    #16. Birch Box

    Best for: Travel beauty

    Purchasing toiletries that are TSA approved can be a hassle when you’re trying to remember what size containers you need. With a BirchBox subscription, each toiletry item is travel sized so you won’t have to worry about any extra fuss at security. 

    BirchBox offers moisturizers, body lotions, make-up and other beauty products that can help minimize the effects traveling has on your body. You might not be headed to one of this year’s top wellness retreats, but self care is still super important for the busy traveler!

    With a BirchBox subscription, you can skip a trip to the store and be ready for your next trip with TSA approved toiletries on hand. 

    #17. The Stationery Box by Cloth & Paper

    Best for: Travel entertainment

    Do you like writing down notes and keeping track of your travels? If you love to document your travels with diary entries or detailed notes then the Stationary Box by Cloth & Paper will give you everything you need to keep the best written records possible.

    Each month you’ll get new stationary and pens to keep your travel records up to date and up to your own personal style. Just because a lot of travel includes online and digital options doesn't mean that good old fashioned pen-and-paper aren’t still great travel tools. 

    #18. Little Passports 

    Best for: Travel entertainment

    Keep the little ones in your life entertained on your next trip with Little Passports travel subscriptions Box. This box will be sure to keep the kids happy with travel-themed activities in each colorful and carefully crafted package. 

    Choose from themes like Early Explorers, USA Edition, World Edition and Science Explorers. You can even shop for the perfect box based on each child’s age group so even as the kids grow, you can keep the travel inspiration growing with them.

    You know what it’s like to need a little entertainment on your trip so be sure to keep the kids occupied with the Little Passports subscription box.

    #19. Finders Seekers Mysteries 

    Best for: Travel entertainment

    Travel is an adventure in itself, but you might want a little more excitement in your life. If you’ve got a love for surprises and adventures, Finders Seekers Mysteries will give you the chance to embark on different travel-themed tasks. 

    Each month a new city-themed box will arrive at your doorstep, but what’s next is a mystery. Open the box for different curated clues for a fun and exciting way to transport yourself to a new destination.

    This box is great for a little bit of added fun in between your other trips. 

    #20. Life’s a Wave Box

    Best for: Travel inspiration

    If a beach get-away is your favorite type of trip, then the Life’s a Wave Box is your best way to stay close to the sea, even when you can’t be there all the time. This ocean and beach lifestyle box will fill your home with positive vibes with products that bring you to your happy place on the shore. 

    In each box, you can expect items like candles, sea salt artisan chocolates, beach-themed jewelry and reusable items that support the environment. Profits from the Life’s a Wave Box go to help its partnership with environmental organizations that look out for the ocean and coastal environments around the world. 

    Find Your Match and Subscribe to a Travel Subscription Box

    As a frequent traveler, you don’t have to miss out on the subscription box fun! 

    Subscribing to a service that delivers new products to your door could save you time, hassle and even introduce you to new items that spark your travel inspiration. 

    Do you have a favorite subscription box? What products do you like best? Is there a specific box we missed that you want to share with us? Let us know in the comments below. 


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