8 Best Wellness Retreats in The USA

by Sarah Peterson

Pressure at work? Family or relationship stress?

If you’re on the brink of burnout, in desperate need of some R&R, or just need to get away, mapping out a wellness retreat trip can be your best option.

Traveling internationally to one of the world’s top retreats in Asia, Europe or New Zealand sounds unappealing or too time-consuming? 

There are plenty of options right here in the US. The 8 Top Wellness Retreats in the USA

In today's guide, we’ll examine the top wellness centers in the United States and see what makes them stand out.

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#1. The Ranch Malibu

top wellness retreats in the usa - ranch malibu
If you’re looking for a physical reset, this is one of the best. 

The Ranch Malibu brings hiking, yoga, HIIT fitness activities, weight training, and cardio classes to the table. If you strictly follow the programs, you can expect to lose between 3-6% body fat.

Whether you are planning a week or a longer visit, the Ranch Malibu sets you up for success to reach your physical health goals.

The retreat center also specializes in diet and nutrition education, with programs aimed at athletic improvement, weight loss, and habit transformation. 

Cost: $$$
State: California 
Best for: Physical wellness 

#2. Cal-a-Vie

top wellness retreats in the usa - cal a vie

The Cal-a-Vie wellness retreat calls itself the “ultimate haven of health”, because of the wide range of programs the center offers. From spa packages to fitness and nutrition, this center does it all. 

The staff to guest ratio is 5:1, which provides you with plenty of one-on-one attention. This center extends your experience beyond your stay, building you a health program for when you get back home.

This resort is luxurious, with 16 spa treatments, four-deep tissue massages, picturesque landscape views, and, of course, a comfortable king-size bed.

The result? A relaxed body and peaceful mind.

Cost: $$$
State: California
Best for: Fitness and nutrition

#3. Lake Austin Spa

top wellness retreats in the usa - lake austin spa

If peace and tranquillity are a primary concern, the Lake Austin Spa is the perfect spot for you.

Flexible mindfulness programs, daily fitness training, and both indoor and outdoor pools make for a rejuvenating experience. 

Lake Austin Spa boasts the title "one of the best USA wellness retreats." Check it out if you would like to achieve a peaceful mental state.

Cost: $$$
State: Texas
Best for: Mental clarity

#4. Lumeria Maui

top wellness retreats in the usa - lumeri

Want to escape the everyday world so you can still your thoughts and clear your mind?

Lumeria Maui is an excellent place for you. It offers luxuriously-designed rooms, nutrition-focused classes, signature treatments, and fitness programs.

Located on the Maui island in Hawaii, the wellness programs include yoga sessions, outdoor excursions, and spa treatments. 

The nearby beaches, surfing spots, and hiking trails significantly help with re-energizing your body.

Cost: $$$
State: Hawaii
Best for: Mental Wellness

#5. Mii Amo

top wellness retreats in the usa - mii amo

Nestled in Arizonan hinterland, Mii Amo offers spiritual and mindfulness programs to improve your health state.

You are granted a luxurious and comfortable accommodation and can visit spa services daily. 

The many programs designed to improve mental clarity can be booked for 3-7 days. 

Cost: $$$
State: Arizona
Best for: Mental clarity

#6. Amangiri

top wellness retreats in the usa - amangiri
Based in southern Utah, Amangiri’s picturesque landscapes connects you with nature. 

The uniqueness of the Amangiri stems from its spa treatments, but there are also daily fitness and yoga sessions in the canyon-facing yoga studio. The studio is a fantastic place to see breathtaking sunsets and catch some sunshine.

The Amangiri staff ensures you receive one-on-one attention and handles your requests professionally so you can overcome any health hurdles.

Cost: $$$
State: Utah
Best for: Physical wellness

#7. Golden Door

top wellness retreats in the usa - golden door

Do you consider yourself a fitness enthusiast?

If so, you can't go wrong with the fitness center, the Golden Door in California. 

7 days at this center aims to fix damaged muscle tissues so you can perform well when you get back to the gym. A personal trainer will assess your situation and prescribe a fitness plan designed for your needs.

Daily massages, skin treatments, manicures, pedicures, art gyms, pools, gardens, hiking trails, cooking sessions, and nutrition seminars serve to greatly improve your state.

Cost: $$$
State: California
Best for: Fitness

#8. Rancho la Puerta

best wellness retreats usa

Whether you want to focus on physical or mental wellness, Rancho la Puerta is excellent.

Boasting high-profile spa treatments for full body leisure, six luxurious room type to make you feel pampered, and a beautiful natural setting, this center is located near the border in Tecate, California.

Mindfulness programs, fitness and nutrition sessions, and cultural activities will help you operate at 100% again.

Cost: $$$
State: California
Best for: Physical wellness

The wellness travel industry is booming, and for good reason. North Americans are experiencing more stress in every area of their lives than ever before. 

Mapping out a trip to a wellness retreat will significantly help you with mind and body rejuvenation.

Taking a trip to a wellness center in the US is one of the best ways you can start the new decade.

Sarah Peterson
Sarah Peterson

Sarah Peterson is the co-founder and head of marketing at FLIGHTFŪD. She's a travel health expert and after having visited 20+ countries as a digital nomad and flying every 4-6 weeks for business, she became passionate about empowering others to protect their bodies on the go.

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