Best Yoga Retreats in the World in 2021

by Sarah Peterson

Feeling burnt out, exhausted, or just in need of clearing your mental cobwebs? 

If so, a yoga wellness retreat will help you to get rid of negative thoughts and fully rejuvenate your body. 

Yoga has been around for a long time, and there is a reason behind it. It’s the best way to re-energize your body and clear your mind so you can operate at 100% again. 

    The World’s Best Yoga Retreats of 2021

    #1. Nefeli Nine, Greece

    Nefeli Nine, Greece

    Situated in Dikastika, close to Marathon, Greece, Nefeli Nine is genuinely one of the best yoga retreats. Greece boasts the most relaxing yoga resorts in the entire globe. 

    You can book a week-long stay at the Nefeli Nine. There you can enjoy picturesque landscapes as well as incredible Meditteranean sea views. Yoga sessions will undoubtedly free your mind from any negative thoughts and allow your body to fully relax. Visiting Nefeli Nine is like slicing through a slump in your life. 

    Engaging in daily hikes and examining olive trees situated near the resort will bring energy back into your body.

    Nefeli Nine is suitable for fitness-oriented people who wish to rest their muscles for future training sessions. Daily yoga practices, hikes and fitness sessions are available to help both your mind and body to rejuvenate effectively. The best part? The food is fantastic.

    Cost: $$$400;">
    Country: Greece
    Best for: Fitness

    #2. Akasha Yoga And Wellness Retreat In Transylvania

    Akasha Yoga And Wellness Retreat In Transylvania

    If you want to disengage from the world, you can’t go wrong with the Akasha Yoga and Wellness Retreat

    It’s situated high in the mountains of Transylvania, close to the city of Brasov. You are literally in the clouds. The resort is filled with blissful fresh air getting you into a peaceful state of mind.

    One of the best things you can do during your stay is to simply enjoy the beautiful landscapes. This fills your mind and body with positive energy. Daily yoga practices are also available. The cuisine is just great. The food is carefully prepared, and the staff are super friendly, making your stay both delicious and comfortable.

    Though it’s located in Romania, an unusual location for a top-notch wellness retreat, you’ll be amazed by the Akasha yoga retreat. It’s the perfect escape from Western Europe, especially from countries like France and Germany. 

    The yoga retreat is worth it.

    Cost: $$$
    Country: Romania
    Best for: Mental & Physical Wellness

    #3. Rasa Retreat, Goa, India

    Rasa Retreat, Goa, India

    If you struggle finding inner peace, a stay at the Rasa Retreat in India will be an excellent option for you. 

    The retreat features some of the world’s yoga teachers. Daily yoga practices are available where you can fully relax both physically and mentally. Immersing into the yoga sessions will allow you to feel the Goa spirit. Only then you will reach peace of mind.

    This yoga retreat is perfect for the winter months. It offers a comfortable and warm environment. You feel like you are at home. 

    Daily hikes in the nearby jungle, as well as tourist strolls, shouldn’t be missed if you want to make the maximum out of your stay. The money you spend on this yoga center is worth it. 

    Cost: $$$
    Country: India
    Best for: Mental Wellness

    #4. Go Natural, Jamaica

    Go Natural, Jamaica

    If you would like to reconnect with nature, Go Natural, located in Jamaica, will help you do that. This place will free your mind from any negative thoughts and toughen you both mentally and physically.

    There’s nothing more satisfying than enjoying the blissful ocean views. The fantastic activities include snorkeling, horse riding, and exploring secret waterfalls. By taking part in these endeavors, you’ll get back on track in no time.

    The food is fresh and delicious. Daily yoga practices are also available. 

    What’s more, this retreat boasts some world-class yoga teachers. The wellness retreat is worth it.

    Cost: $$$
    Country: Jamaica
    Best for: Mental & Physical Wellness

    #5. Sagrada Wellness Retreat, San Luis Obispo, USA

    Sagrada Wellness Retreat, San Luis Obispo, USA

    Day-to-day problems tend to be stressful, and you just can’t resist the social media temptation? If so, the Sagrada retreat is specifically tailored for your needs. It’s situated in San Luis Obispo, USA and boasts warm and friendly accommodation. 

    What’s more, the retreat is 100% powered by solar energy. Completely natural. It’s the perfect place to forget your everyday problems and get rid of any technology. No Wi-Fi is available.

    Daily yoga practices are available, along with wholesome food, to re-energize you both physically and mentally. A variety of healthy meals are available, making your stay more enjoyable.

    The uniqueness of this resort stems from its origin. The retreat was founded by an American couple that once dreamed about having a great wellness retreat. Now, this vision is a dream-come-true. This resort will undoubtedly help you heal your mental Country. It’s worth it.

    Cost: $$$
    Country: California
    Best for: Mental Wellness

    #6. Haramara Retreat, Mexico

    Haramara Retreat, Mexico

    Located in Mexico, the Haramara Retreat is situated between the hills and the sea delivering spectacular landscape views. This retreat offers some of the best yoga sessions. So if you want to chill and refresh your muscles for the next training session, you can’t go wrong with the Haramara retreat.

    Various yoga packages are available. Pick the one that suits you the best and enjoy. You can even go with multiple packages for a rich experience.

    This yoga retreat is also suitable for honeymoons. It’s a great place, boasting comfortable amenities. You’ll be highly impressed if you decide to book a stay at the Haramara Retreat, Mexico.

    Cost: $$$
    Country: Mexico
    Best for: Mental & Physical Wellness

    #7. Ananda Spa, Himalayas, India

    Ananda Spa, Himalayas, India

    The Ananda Spa is one of the most pristine yoga retreats in India. If you are striving to achieve work-life balance, this would be the best spot for you.

    Situated on a 100-acre ground in the Himalayan foothills, the wellness centre grants you incredible yoga sessions. Blazing energy will flow through your body again.

    What’s more, the resort boasts beautiful landscapes reconnecting you with nature with just a single glimpse. The place is undoubtedly worth it.

    Cost: $$$
    Country: India
    Best for: Physical Wellness

    #8. Absolute Sanctuary, Koh Samui, Thailand

    Absolute Sanctuary, Koh Samui, Thailand

    Packed with body-relaxing yoga programs, the Absolute Sanctuary in Koh Samui is one of the best yoga retreats in the world. Perched among cliffs, the yoga center looks like a superstar wellness retreat situated in the Hollywood Hills. Detox, mind-cleansing, yoga, as well as spa procedures are available.

    The surrounding green environment is unmatched in beauty. It can fully rejuvenate your body. The yoga retreat is worth it.

    Cost: $$$
    Country: Thailand
    Best for: Physical Wellness

    #9. Hotel Nautilus, Santa Teresa, Costa Rica

    Hotel Nautilus, Santa Teresa, Costa Rica

    Situated in the Jungle of Santa Teresa, Hotel Nautilus offers two daily yoga sessions. These are great for re-energizing your body and improve your mind condition. Yoga events are also featured quite often.

    Keep in mind that the events sell out quickly every time. So if you would like to check them out, don’t delay and book your ticket as soon as possible.

    This is simply one of the best yoga centers.

    Cost: $$$
    Country : Costa Rica
    Best for: Physical & Mental Wellness

    #10. Swaswara, Gokarna, India

    Swaswara, Gokarna, India

    Swaswara is perhaps one of the most prominent yoga retreats in India. It is located in the south and focuses on outdoor yoga sessions. Your day starts with an incredible yoga practice at the beach. It also loads you with positive energy and prepares you for the day.

    What’s more, the wellness resort features elements of old architecture. Therefore you can also connect with the history behind this place.

    The yoga practices will undoubtedly leave you impressed. Swaswara is a great wellness retreat.

    Cost: $$$
    Country: India
    Best for: Mental Wellness

    #11. The Island Experience, Ilha Grande, Brazil

    The Island Experience, Ilha Grande, Brazil

    Magnificent ocean views and an incredible natural environment is what the Ilha Grande offers.

    It’s situated on the east coast of Rio de Janeiro, and comes with a 7-day yoga package. 2 yoga sessions per day are available. The practices can significantly heal you both physically and mentally.

    What’s more, outdoor activities such as snorkeling and kayaking are included so you can re-energize your body and spirit.

    You’ll undoubtedly leave this wellness retreat in a great physical and mental shape.

    Cost: $$$

    Country: Brazil
    Best for: Physical & Mental Wellness

    Commit to Self Care this Year & Book a Yoga Retreat

    Booking a stay at a yoga retreat can help you more than you can imagine. From my point of view, I just love how helpful these yoga centers can be, especially when you feel like you need it desperately.

    It will undoubtedly heal your mind and rejuvenate your body so you can operate at 100% again.

    Just pick one, see if you like it, and make the booking.

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