15 Countries With Open Borders to Vaccinated Travelers in 2021

by Kristine Auble

As the COVID-19 vaccines continue to roll out worldwide, many countries are reconsidering their travel restrictions and the list of countries open to vaccinated visitors is growing.

Travel restrictions for many countries during the COVID-19 pandemic included limited non-essential travel, rigorous pre-arrival and post-arrival testing, and scheduled quarantine periods. 

But now that vaccines like Pfizer–BioNTech, Moderna, and AstraZeneca are proving to be highly effective and are rolling out worldwide, countries that were previously restricted are starting to reconsider their restrictions for vaccinated visitors. 

For vaccinated visitors, their vaccination card can act like a “vaccine passport” for their travels as more countries require less health documentation and shorter quarantine periods.

The list of countries open to vaccinated visitors includes many popular destinations that were travel favorites before the COVID-19 pandemic. Now that countries like Greece, Iceland, and Tahiti are open to vaccinated visitors, travelers can finally return to some of the most beautiful destinations in the world as long as they show proof they’ve been vaccinated. 

This guide lists the 15 countries open to vaccinated visitors in 2021 as well as which airlines are currently flying there and what to expect when you visit as a vaccinated visitor this year. 

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15 Countries Open to Vaccinated Visitors in 2021

According to the Center for Disease Control, if you are fully vaccinated, you don’t have to get tested before leaving the US, unless your destination requires it.

The countries open to vaccinated visitors featured in this guide vary with testing and quarantine requirements for vaccinated visitors so it's important to see which is true for your ideal destination.

Also as a vaccinated traveler, once you return to the US, the CDC states that you also do not have to self-quarantine.

#1. Greece

countries with open borders to vaccinated travelers

Open as of: May 14

Jumping ahead of other countries in the European Union, Greece wants to kick start its tourism industry by allowing vaccinated visitors quarantine-free entry into the country starting this spring. 

Tourism is a major factor in Greece’s economy and bringing back tourism was the driving force behind the country's decision to relax the travel restrictions for vaccinated visitors. 

Vaccinated visitors to Greece will have to provide proof of their vaccination and, although they may be vaccinated before arriving, vaccinated visitors may also be subject to random mandatory rapid tests at the airport. 

Greece is home to some of the world's most beautiful beaches, but social distancing regulations will also still apply to vaccinated visitors so expect to space out at the beach to avoid crowding. 

The same goes for Greece’s world renowned restaurants and museums, which is a small inconvenience to get to experience the wonder of Greek food and Greek architecture in person again.

#2. Tahiti

countries with open borders to vaccinated travelers

Open as of: May 1

The picture-perfect island of Tahiti is open to travelers and vaccinated visitors will not have to quarantine when they show proof of their vaccination when they arrive. 

While vaccinated visitors can skip the quarantine on arrival, they are still required to provide proof of a negative RT-PCR test that was taken within three days prior to their departure.

If you’re planning a family visit to Tahiti, it’s important to know that children under the age of six aren’t subject to quarantine and can travel with their vaccinated parents. However, children between ages 6 and 16 who have not been vaccinated or can’t show proof of immunity from a prior infection will have to quarantine with their family. 

While the beautiful island of Tahiti is open for a visit, it won’t be the same as the last time you spent your vacation there. There are still strict regulations in place including a mandatory mask mandate and a curfew in place everyday from 10:00 pm and 4:00 am through June 1, 2021.

#3. Iceland

countries with open borders to vaccinated travelers

Open as of: April 6

As long as you can provide your vaccination certificate, you will not have to present a negative PCR-test and you will not have to quarantine in Iceland. The popular travel destination is open to vaccine visitors who have their certificates for Pfizer-BioNTech, Moderna, AstraZeneca, and Johnson & Johnson vaccines. 

While you won’t have to show a negative test before arrival, even vaccinated visitors will still have to take a test on arrival to Iceland. Once the test result is back within 6 to 24 hours, you will not have to quarantine as long as the result is negative. 

#4. Croatia

Open as of: April 1

Presenting your vaccination certificate that shows you were vaccinated at least 14 days before your arrival can allow you to travel to the beautiful country of Croatia. 

If you’re visiting to relax at one of Croatia's gorgeous luxury hotels on your trip, you’ll also need to provide documentation that you have paid for your accommodation in advance and in full, prior to arriving in Croatia. 

Once you have provided both proof of your vaccination and proof of payment for your hotel accommodations, you are welcome to explore the culture and natural landscape of Croatia. 

#5. Barbados

countries with open borders to vaccinated travelers

Open as of: May 8

Vaccinated visitors to Barbados can expect a shorter quarantine period when they arrive at their beautiful island getaway. 

While they’ll still need to provide a negative PCR test result three days prior to travel, as well as have a test done at the airport, vaccinated visitors will only have to quarantine for one to two days on arrival. 

Having a shorter quarantine period means more time for rest and relaxation during your vaccinated visit to Barbados. 

#6. Bahamas

countries with open borders to vaccinated travelers

Open as of: May 1 

Uploading your vaccination certificate before you arrive in the Bahamas can save you from having to do a pre-arrival and post-arrival COVID-19 test. You also won’t have to answer daily health questionnaires during your island stay so you can relax by the beach uninterrupted.

The Bahamas accepts vaccination certificates for the Pfizer-BioNTech, Moderna, Johnson & Johnson and AstraZeneca vaccines. Enjoy your stay in the Bahamas as a vaccinated visitor with our Bahamas Travel Guide so you can make the most of your trip now that you can travel again.

#7. Belize

countries with open borders to vaccinated travelers

Open as of: March 3

Making travel as a vaccinated visitor a breeze, Belize was the first island in the Caribbean to welcome vaccinated visitors and has created a Tourism Gold Standard program to keep travelers safer from arrival to departure. A part of that new gold standard is The Belize Health App, which allows you to enter your health information no more than 72 hours prior to your arrival. 

This process makes it easy for you to keep all of your information in one place, but you will still need to present a COVID-19 vaccine card that shows proof of complete vaccination at least two weeks before to your arrival.

With a streamlined process to keep track of your stay, being a vaccinated visitor in Belize should be a breeze. 

#8. British Virgin Islands

 countries with open borders to vaccinated travelers

Open as of: May 15

To travel as a vaccinated visitor to the British Virgin Islands there are still a number of requirements you must meet before enjoying the beauty of the islands on your trip. You must provide evidence of being fully vaccinated, take a PCR test within five days of traveling to the British Virgin Islands as well as take a PCR test upon arrival. After taking the PCR test on arrival, you are still required to quarantine until a negative test result is received from the BVI Health Services Authority. 

Once this is complete, you are free to enjoy your trip to the British Virgin Islands while still being mindful and aware of the country’s other regulations. For ways to enjoy your trip to the British Virgin Islands see our British Virgin Islands Travel Guide.

#9. Cyprus

countries with open borders to vaccinated travelers

Open as of: May 10

Fully vaccinated visitors to the island of Cyprus who won’t have to submit to any COVID-19 tests or to a quarantine. 

All vaccinated visitors will have to do is submit a copy of their vaccine certificate onto the Cyprus Flight Pass platform.

#10. Ecuador 

countries with open borders to vaccinated travelers

Open as of: March 22

Home to the gorgeous and infamous Galapagos Islands, Ecuador is allowing vaccinated visitors back to explore its natural wonder. 

Along presenting a vaccination certificate, vaccinated visitors must show proof of a negative PCR or antigen test taken within 72 hours of their trip. 

#11. Estonia

countries with open borders to vaccinated travelers

Open as of: February 2

Accepting vaccination certificates from nine global suppliers, not just the three approved by the European Union, Estonia is set to waive mandatory quarantine requirements for vaccinated visitors. 

While this is great news for a wider variety of vaccinated visitors, the requirements for proof of documentation are very strict in Estonia. Vaccinated visitors must present their vaccination certificates and these documents must include the vaccine manufacturer and batch number, and they must be written in Estonian, English or Russian. The vaccinations must also have been given within six months to be accepted. 

It's also important to know that currently the coronavirus cases in Estonia are dropping, but l many restaurants and other indoor service locations are closed or must operate with a 25 percent occupancy limit.

#12. Israel 

countries with open borders to vaccinated travelers

Open as of: May 23

Following a detailed plan to reopening and welcoming back visitors, Israel is starting to reduce its travel restrictions by allowing vaccinated tour groups back into the country. Because Israel is one of the leading countries when it comes to vaccine roll out, the country also expects to welcome fully vaccinated individual tourists potentially as soon as July.

All vaccinated visitors must provide proof of vaccination, will be required to undergo a PCR test before boarding a flight to Israel, and must undergo an antibody test upon arrival. Going forward, Israel hopes to eliminate the need for the antibody test, which is designed to better determine the status of vaccination. 

#13. Lithuania 


Open as of: May 3

With a vaccination certificate, vaccine visitors can completely bypass the need for COVID-19 testing and a mandatory 10-day isolation in Lithuania. Vaccinated visitors will still be required to fill in the country’s questionnaire and submit the QR code to the carrier or National Public Health Centre.

Lithuania is also on the forefront of “vaccine passports” and is currently working on the roll out of national digital COVID-19 immunity certificates that would allow some people to bypass restrictions on activities like indoor dining and other large gatherings.

#14. Montenegro 

countries with open borders to vaccinated travelers

Open as of: April 27

Vaccinated visitors from the US can enter Montenegro with a proof that they have been fully vaccinated at least seven days before entering the country. These vaccinated visitors will also be excused from the 14 day quarantine requirement for travelers entering Montenegro without proof of vaccination. 

It's also important to know that Montenegro has a nationwide curfew in effect for all travelers from 12 am to 5am everyday. 

#15. Nepal 

countries with open borders to vaccinated travelers

Open as of: April 16

Situated in the Himalayas, Nepal is a popular travel destination in South Asia and it is currently welcoming vaccine visitors who wish to explore its culture and landscape. Before you get to Nepal, you must provide proof that you are fully vaccinated at the airport ticket counter. While you won’t have to provide a test, Nepal recommends that even vaccinated visitors still get a PCR negative report taken within 72 hours because of different requirements for outbound travel depending on the airline or home destination.

Along with proof of your vaccination you will also have to provide a hotel booking confirmation or a guarantee of accommodation, a copy of Nepalese Visa or recommendation letter from Department of Tourism/Nepal Tourism Board, a copy of travel insurance and a barcode generated after the online application of International Travel Arrival Form. 

With such a long list of documents to provide, it's important to stay organized while packing for your trip to Nepal. For added packing advice see our guides about how to pack for your trip

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