Bringing Back the Golden Days of Travel

by Sarah Peterson

We launched back in October 2019, and right away, we started gaining momentum. 

Flight attendants were drawn to our intentionally formulated products, influencers loved us and shouted us out, and we were seeing massive month-over-month growth. 

All of that changed in March 2020, just a few months after we launched. The World Health Organization declared a global pandemic and we lost 95% of our revenue. 

The travel industry took a big hit over the past year and a half. Many of our peer companies folded, declared bankruptcy or pivoted away from travel altogether. 


We didn’t want to become a generic supplement company. We started FLIGHTFŪD out of a passion for health and travel, to empower the movers and shakers of the world to feel better when they fly. 

So we stayed the course and took the downtime as an opportunity. 

An opportunity to build a strong foundation for our company. An opportunity to revisit what’s important. An opportunity to re-group, re-brand, and re-formulate. 

Because it’s difficult to build the plane while you’re flying it. 

So this is what we’ve poured our blood, sweat and tears into over the past year.

We’re Bringing Back the Golden Days of Travel

We used the downtime during the pandemic as an opportunity to revisit the way we present FLIGHTFŪD to the world.

And that starts with how we show up visually. 

So without further ado, we're thrilled to announce our new brand. We're bringing back the Golden Days of Travel, when flying was a luxury rather than a necessary evil to get to where you need to go. 

We upgraded our entire look to bring in that luxury feeling. New logo, new brand colors, new fonts, and a whole new experience. And we’re so excited to introduce it to you today.

Nostalgia, Meet Anticipation

We are an aspirational brand that has one foot in the future and one in the nostalgic past. The feelings our new brand aims to evoke include: 


The best part of a trip is looking forward to it. Research shows that the anticipation that comes along with planning a trip is the most enjoyable part; our goal is to give travelers that excited feeling of trip planning every time they visit our website, get an email from us or see a FLIGHTFŪD post on social media.


We’re bringing back the Golden Days of Travel when people looked forward to the flight as much as the destination. We want to help you feel that first-class feeling whether you’re flying coach, first-class or business class. 

    Our new logo is reminiscent of all things aviation, paired with a vintage-style typeface to provide that luxury feeling. 


    Travel is a force for good. Whether you’re traveling for work, family, or pleasure, our vision is to empower you to be the best version of yourself you can be. No more brain fog from jet lag or discomfort from swelling and bloating; you should be able to arrive ready.

    Our new packaging, brand colors, and direction make us confident that you’ll be proud to be seen with your FLIGHTFŪD. 

    flightfud logos

    First Class Experience

    No re-brand is complete without a renovation. We upgraded so your experience is first class every single time.

    With a seamless user experience, elevated reading material and resources to help you travel more and stay healthy, our new website is the cherry on top of this delicious, healthy cake. 

    FLIGHTFŪD is at your service.

    Sarah Peterson
    Sarah Peterson

    Sarah Peterson is the co-founder and head of marketing at FLIGHTFŪD. She's a travel health expert and after having visited 20+ countries as a digital nomad and flying every 4-6 weeks for business, she became passionate about empowering others to protect their bodies on the go.

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