These are the 3 healthiest airports to have a layover in

by Kaeli Bauman

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Let's talk about the dreaded layover. You've got a few hours to kill before your next flight and you'd rather be anywhere else than a busy, noisy airport. Well, we've got good news for you - there are actually some airports in North America which have jumped on the wellness bandwagon (addressing fitness, food, and mental health) - and we're here to share with you our top 3 healthiest airports.

1. BWI (Baltimore/Washington International Airport)

BWI has got a few ways to get you moving at their airport. They've got an "Airport Cardio Loop" which consists of 2 walking loops which both take about 20 minutes to complete. Simply follow the BWI Marshall Airport Cardio Trail logos positioned on the walls or directories along the trail and burn some extra energy before or in between your flights.

Recently, ROAM Fitness opened a gym post-security and provides travelers with access to cardio equipment, stretching space, free weights, medicine balls, stability balls, a TRX system, and yoga props. (they are also the only airport gym to carry lululemon - yes please!) They plan to open in 20 more airports over the next 5 years so keep your eyes peeled for new openings!


Roam Fitness


2. SFO (San Francisco International)

SFO really leads the "Where can I eat healthy food at an airport?" revolution. Plant Café opened in 2011 and offers organic juices, healthy smoothies, veggie burgers and quinoa bowls. 

We also love Napa Farms Market, a restaurant and gourmet boutique who has a "farm to flight" philosophy where you can do everything from nibble on a locally-sourced salad to stock up on Cowgirl Creamery cheeses and Sonoma wines. 

Plant Cafe SFO

3. YVR (Vancouver International Airport)

Vancouver's airport is already very spacious and "airy" - with high ceilings, good lighting and elements of the outdoors inside (think trees and waterfalls); this airport is an accurate representation of it's wellness-obsessed city. 

YVR launched a program last year with the Canadian Mental Health Association called "Fly Calm" ( and we think this is really cool. Fly Calm provides pre-flight ressources to travelers to mitigate some of the stress and anxiety they may feel from flying. Fly Calm just launched last month and currently their website provides video ressources as well as a downloadable coloring book to de-stress before flight (you can also pick one up in-person at an information desk.)


Fly Calm YVR

This concludes our 3 healthiest airport tips! What are your favorite? We'd love to know!

Kaeli Bauman
Kaeli Bauman

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