Shelby Albo Shares How to Stay Fit While Traveling

by Jamie Renney

Destination expert and world traveler Shelby Albo blended her two passions of travel and fitness into her website, blog, and business, Travel Fit Love

Shelby “has always been inspired to help people feel good about themselves” - and working in fitness allows her to do that!
Having visited over 35 countries, Shelby can help travelers with trip arrangements and online fitness coaching remotely or in person.

We were lucky enough to connect with Shelby and ask her a few questions about her love for travel and fitness. 

Staying Fit While Traveling

1. Tell us about Travel Fit Love and how it got started. What inspired you to create it?

I was about to turn 30 and felt like I had not accomplished much in my 30 years. Then I realized I had traveled, ALOT, had a side 'hustle' with fitness, and was lucky to be working in two industries that I was so passionate about. I wanted to start documenting my travels and workouts, combining my two passions, and Travel Fit Love was born!

 2. What were you doing before you started Travel Fit Love?

I was working in the travel industry in my 9-5 and teaching fitness classes in the early mornings or late evenings. It just seemed natural to combine my passions with TFL. The "LOVE" part eventually evolved into more of the family and parenting aspect of my life.

3. What is your favorite part about travel?

shelby albo travel fit love

I love experiencing new cultures and destinations. It really opens my eyes and mind. I am a very routine person so I appreciate traveling because it takes me out of my normal day-to-day.

4. Are there things you look for in a hotel/room when booking a trip?

If a hotel has a gym, that's a bonus :-) 

I look at location, and property size. I really like small boutique properties. I do read reviews but that is not always the full story/picture. Depending on the destination can depend on my investment too. Will I be in the room a lot? Will I be using the facilities? etc

5. What are your must-have fitness items you pack in your suitcase when going on vacation?

Sneakers! That's it! And the clothes... I have a bunch of exercises I can do that do not require a lot of space or any equipment.

6. Do you have an airport or inflight routine you practice?

I like getting to the airport early to buy food so that I am not stuck with what's provided on the plane. And since I am all about balance, I may even enjoy a glass of wine before the flight and before drinking my Flight Elixir.

I will also do a few stretches prior to boarding and always get up and walk around/stretch during the flight to keep the blood circulating.

7. What does an average week of fitness look like for you?

Since having a baby, this can vary from quick 30 min peloton sessions to 1-hour gym sessions, or taking a boutique fitness class in NYC. I try to sweat about 5 days a week but have learned not to put too much pressure on myself.

8. What is the biggest myth about the travel industry?

The travel industry isn't as glamorous as it may appear on Instagram. People work really hard at what they do. I also don't travel for free. All of my trips are self-paid for but it is what I like to spend my money on.

9. Why is movement so important? How often should we exercise?

Movement is so important for good health, proper sleep, and body regulation. If you don't work out already, I would start with 2-3 days a week and then gradually increase days.

10. What is your definition of being active?

staying fit while traveling	I think being active and working out can be two different things. Being active while traveling can mean taking a bike tour instead of a bus tour, walking from place to place, going on a snorkel trip, etc, Using your body to experience the destination...

11. Here’s a scenario for you… 

You’re in a city you have never been to, your hotel room fits your bed only and has no gym, and it's in the middle of winter with lots of snow on the ground. How do you get active on this trip in this foreign place?

Your bed is a great workout prop because of the unstable surface, you will engage your muscles more for stabilization. 

12. You’re only able to do 3 exercises for 3 months. What do you choose?

That’s easy!

  1. Burpees
  2. Planks
  3. Booty Lifts

13. What’s next for Travel Fit Love?

Right now, I am enjoying writing about how to stay active while traveling and using the platform to document my travels. Maybe one day it will turn into retreats, or consulting for a hotel or tourism board because I am all about the client experience.

Shelby Albo works full time in the travel industry and part-time in the fitness industry. She started her blog to share ways to stay active while traveling, combining her two passions. 

Shelby also has an almost 1-year-old baby that already has 2 passport stamps! Her hope is to create a space for people to find ways to stay healthy and keep fit while traveling.

Stay up to date with Shelby’s travels and tips or get in touch to inquire about her trip planning and or personal training.

Jamie Renney
Jamie Renney

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