11 Best Things to Do in The Bahamas • Top Bahamas Attractions

by Sarah Peterson

If you want THE list of the best things to do in the Bahamas, you’ve come to the right place. 

Visiting to snorkel in the sparkling turquoise waters? Maybe you prefer sailing on a chartered boat to explore the islands, or laying out at a pink sand beach.

If you like beachy, island vibes, the Bahamas has you covered.

Divers and snorkelers love the marine life around the islands. Even non-certified divers can find an underwater activity for them.

If you're more of a land lover, the Bahamas if full of attractions like museums, old buildings, and more.

Excited? Check out the rest of the guide and prepare for a trip of a lifetime.

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Top-Rated Things to Do in The Bahamas

There are different islands in the Bahamas to explore, so quickly navigate to what interests you the most or read the entire list to discover more fun!

#1. Best Bahamas Beach: Cable Beach

Things to do in The Bahamas

Want to visit a postcard-like coast? Get a solid beach experience at Cable Beach. It’s one of the top choices for its great resorts, restaurants, and attractions. There are plenty of places to hang out and souvenir shops just around the corner. 

If you’re looking for a peaceful spot on the beach, take a stroll around and you'll find one eventually. Enjoy the day by reading a book, soaking up the sun or engaging in water sports and activities. 

Category: Beach
Neighborhood: Nassau New Providence Island

Hours of operation: n/a

Best for: Swimmer, sea lovers, beach bums
Time to spend here: 2-3 hours

#2. Best Hike in the Bahamas: The Bimini Nature Trail

Things to do in The Bahamas

Stretch your leg and go for a hike at the lush nature on the Bimini Nature Trail. Witness different kinds of flora, a broad range of bird species, and other exotic animals. 

There are also interesting stopping points like the historic Conch House or you can view the pirate's well exhibit. Since the terrain is only slightly elevated, the trail is perfect for almost all ages.

Category: Hiking
Neighborhood: Bimini Island

Hours of operation: n/a

Best for: Beginner to advanced hikers/trekker
Time to spend here: 2-3 hours

#3. Best Outdoor Activity: Snuba Diving

Things to do in The Bahamas

Snuba diving is a combination of snorkelling and scuba diving. Trying it out for the first time? The Bahamas has different areas for this brilliant outdoor activity.

You don't need a certification to do snuba dive which makes it better for beginners who want to head out and explore the beauty of the Bahamas underwater. If you’re an expert diver, this activity can help you introduce your non-certified friends and family to diving. 

Category: Outdoor activity, Diving
Neighborhood: Some of the best places for snuba diving is at Stuart Cove and Atlantis Paradise Island

Hours of operation: n/a

Best for: Non-certified divers
Time to spend here: 2-3 hours

#4. Best Diving Spot in the Bahamas: The Crater

Things to do in The Bahamas

The Crater is an oceanic blue hole off Small Hope Island. This dive is recommended for intermediate to advanced divers, but divers of any level can explore the outer rim. 

Take a photo at the unique crater dive and explore the hole from the ocean floor to a cave system. Plenty of marine animals like turtles, eels, and rays are around this area. 

Category: Diving

Neighborhood: Small Hope Island

Hours of operation: n/a

Best for Intermediate to advanced divers
Time to spend here: 1 hour or more

#5. Best Restaurants in the Bahamas: Cafe Matisse & Curly’s Restaurant and Bar

Things to do in The Bahamas

Cafe Matisse serves Italian dishes with a Bahamian twist and they use freshly caught fish. Have a romantic date and enjoy some pasta with lobsters, octopus salad, or filet mignon on their beautiful courtyard. 

The atmosphere is light and fun at Curly's Restaurant and Bar. It's a great place for family dinners. And if you love seafood, don't miss out on the conch chowder and fish fry!

Category: Restaurant
Neighborhood: Cafe Matisse: Bank Lane, Nassau; Curly’s Restaurant and Bar: 

Hours of operation: Cafe Matisse, Tues-Sat: 12:00 PM - 10:00 PM, Curly’s Restaurant and Bar: Mon-Sun: 12:00 PM-9:00 PM

Best for: Families, couples, or group lunch/dinner
Time to spend here: 1-2 hours

#6. Top Attraction in the Bahamas: Aquaventure

Things to do in The Bahamas

Looking for a non-stop water adventure? Take a plunge at the Aquaventure waterpark! This 141-acre waterscape has a number of activities including high-speed water slides and a mile long river ride with wave surges, tunnels, and other surprises.

Kids can have their own fun at the kid-friendly pools and other interactive activities for vacationers of all ages. You can also access the beautiful Bahamian beaches from this waterpark. 

Category: Attractions
Neighborhood: Atlantis Paradise Island, Nassau New Providence Island

Hours of operation: Mon-Sun, 9:00 AM - 5:00 PM

Best for: Families with kids
Time to spend here: More than 3 hours

#7. Most Popular Museum: Pirates of Nassau

Things to do in The Bahamas

Learn something new while on a vacation. If you or the kids with you are fascinated by pirates, the Pirates of Nassau Museum is a must-visit during your trip!

The Pirate Museum is fun and interactive for kids and adults alike. It features stories about war, smugglers, artifacts, and fearsome pirate crew in the Bahamas. There are cool boat replicas and mannequins, too.

Category: Museum
Neighborhood: King and George St. Downtown, Nassau, Bahamas

Hours of operation: Monday-Saturday, 8:30 am to 5:30 pm and Sunday at 9 am to 2 pm

Best for: History buffs, kids, teens
Time to spend here: 1-2 hours

#8. Must-See Landmark: The Hermitage

Things to do in The Bahamas

Witness the awesome 360-degree view of Cat Island at the highest point in the Bahamas. Mount Alvernia or Como Hill as locals prefer is where the secluded sanctuary known as The Hermitage is located. It is a one-man retirement monastery built using local stone in 1939 by Monsignor John Hawkes who is also remembered as Father Jerome.

The sculptor and architect also created some detailed hand-carved stone reliefs of the Station of the Cross at the mountain top.

Category: Landmark
Neighborhood: Cat Island

Hours of operation: n/a

Best for: History buffs, religious travelers
Time to spend here: 1 hour

#9. Best Cultural Experience: Junkanoo

Things to do in The Bahamas

Junkanoo has a vibrant bi-annual celebration with colorful costumes and exuberant routines that make it an undisputed festival in the Bahamas. It is celebrated during Boxing Day (December 26) and during New Year's Day and other smaller holidays throughout the year. 

Move to the rhythmic sounds of cowbells, goatskin drums, and whistles, accompanied by an array of brass instruments, and have fun at the festival’s visual delight! The colorful costumes, pageantry, and street parade is a sight to see while on the islands.

Category: Cultural experience
Neighborhood: Bay Street in Nassau

Hours of operation: 1:00a.m. - 9:00a.m

Best for: Arts and culture enthusiasts, music lover

Time to spend here: 2-4 hours

#10. Best Shopping Place: Port Lucaya Marketplace

Shopaholics need to see Port Lucaya Marketplace, the largest open-air dining, shopping, and entertainment area in the Bahamas. Perfect for those who want to shop in just one place! 

Buy some Bahamian souvenirs, try out their conch salads, go for a drink with your friends, and check out some specialty stores.

Category: Shopping

Neighborhood: Freeport, Grand Bahama Island

Hours of operation: Mon-Sun: 7 AM - 12 AM

Best for: Anyone looking for an all-in-one shopping stop
Time to spend here: 2-3 hours of strolling, eating, and shopping

#11. Best Natural Park in the Bahamas: Exuma Cays Land and Sea Park

Things to do in The Bahamas

Exuma Cays Land and Sea Park is an eco-adventurer’s dream. This protected marine area was built in 1959. Divers and snorkelers of all levels can enjoy the breathtaking pristine waters, unspoiled mangroves, and marine life. 

The park is the first land and sea park in the world and the home to the Western Hemisphere's second-largest coral barrier reef. Here, you can try feeding the endangered iguanas, catch a glimpse of Bahamian hutia, and learn more about the wildlife with the help of professional guides.

Category: Attractions
Neighborhood: Great Exuma

Hours of operation: Mon-Sun: 9 AM - 4 PM

Best for: Wildlife and sea lovers
Time to spend here: 1-3 hours

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