10 Best Things to Do in the Cayman Islands • Top Cayman Islands Attractions

by Sarah Peterson

The Cayman Islands boasts world-class beaches, luxurious properties, worldwide culinary influences, high-end shops, local stores, and everything in between. 

Nature lovers are lured to diverse hiking trails, caves, and a variety of flora and fauna around the island. Beach bums enjoy sunbathing and swimming while sporty tourists go parasailing, kiteboarding, scuba diving, or snorkelling. 

Thinking about your trip to this Caribbean paradise? Check out the best things to do in the Cayman Islands and add them to your bucket list.

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Top-Rated Things to Do in the Cayman Islands

The Cayman Islands has something for every type of traveler. The west half of Grand Cayman has a cosmopolitan atmosphere for shopping, dining, and water sports while you'll find a more tranquil vibe for water activities and caving at Cayman Brac and Little Cayman. 

Fall in love with the following destinations and visit everything on this list!

#1. Best Cayman Islands Beach: Seven Mile Beach

Things to do in Cayman Islands

Image credit: Cayman Enterprise City


A trip to Grand Cayman won't be complete without visiting Seven Mile Beach. Lounge at the crescent-shaped shore, soft coral sand, and watch the calm clear blue waters take away your stress. 

The waterfront is open to the public so anyone can enjoy here. Stroll with your friends or partner whether you're staying in a nearby luxurious accommodation or on another island.

Category: Beach

Neighbourhood: Within 0.3 miles to Barker’s National Park

Hours of operation: Always open

Best for: Beach bums and sun-worshippers

Time to spend here: From 2 hours or wait until the sunset!

#2. Best Hike in the Cayman Islands: Mastic Trail

Things to do in Cayman Islands

Image credit: Mastic Trail 


Seasoned hikers will enjoy their time walking along the Mastic Trail

The Mastic Trail has the largest untouched, old-growth dry forest in the Cayman Islands and showcases a native mangrove swamp and an ancient woodland. 

Guided tours make the trail more interesting. Learn about the endangered Mastic tree where the trail is named after and other facts about rare trees, birds, lizards, and other flora and fauna that live within the area.

Category: Hiking

Neighbourhood: Located at the Frank Sound Road North Side, Grand Cayman

Hours of operation: Guided hikes are available on Tuesday and Friday: 8:30 AM

Best for: Hikers, nature lovers

Time to spend here: 2.5 to 3.5 hours to finish the trail

#3. Best Outdoor Activity: Scuba Diving

Things to do in Cayman Islands

Image credit: https://www.divetech.com/

The Cayman Islands is known for starting recreational diving in the Caribbean. Around 40 dive operations and 365 dives sites are scattered around the Sister Islands which all have clear visibility, calm waters, and abundant marine life. 

USS Kittiwake is a famous diving site sitting on a sandy bottom in 55ft of water. Experienced divers can explore the interior of the former submarine support ship while snorkelers and new divers have the chance to explore the exterior.

Category: Outdoor activity, Diving
Neighbourhood: Around Seven Mile Beach at Grand Cayman

Hours of operation: n/a

Best for: Beginner to advanced divers
Time to spend here: 2 hours to half a day

#4. Best Diving Spot in the Cayman Islands: Bloody Bay Wall

For a wall dive with clear visibility of more than 200 feet, the Bloody Bay Wall in Little Cayman is a fantastic destination for divers. The wall starts at the reef which is around 20-25 feet deep. At the edge, the wall plummets to over 1,000 feet.

The Bloody Bay Wall showcases ample sea life, colourful sponges, and healthy corals. Spot some turtles, barracudas, eagle rays, triggerfish, and reef sharks while underwater!

Category: Diving spot
Neighbourhood: At Little Cayman’s Bloody Bay Marine Park

Hours of operation: n/a

Best for: Beginner to skilled scuba divers
Time to spend here: Explore the area for 2 hours to half a day

#5. Best Restaurants in the Cayman Islands: Anchor & Den, Blue by Eric Ripert, and Chicken! Chicken!

Things to do in Cayman Islands

The Cayman Islands is home to a variety of cuisine. Reserve a table at Anchor & Den for a mix of global and local cuisine or go to Blue by Eric Ripert which has one of the best seafood meals in the Cayman Islands.

For budget-friendly eats, Chicken! Chicken! is your best bet since they serve a flavourful home-style Caribbean cooking.

Category: Restaurants
Neighbourhood: Grand Cayman

Hours of operation: Anchor & Den: 6:30 AM-12 AM , Blue: 6 PM-9 PM ,Chicken! Chicken!: 10 AM-10 PM

Best for: Foodies, Families, Couples, Business travellers
Time to spend here: 1.5 to 3 hours

#6. Top Attraction in the Cayman Islands: Stingray City

Things to do in Cayman Islands

Meet the amiable Atlantic southern stingrays at Stingray City. This place is perfect for families with kids for its interactive activities.

Stand in the shallow sandbar, snorkel to have a closer view of the corals, or swim with the stingrays and fishes. Don’t worry, the stingrays are safe and will only brush against you while looking for food.

Category: Attraction, Wildlife
Neighbourhood: About 2.5 miles from Starfish Point at Grand Cayman

Hours of operation: Hours may vary depending on the tour company

Best for: Friends, families with children
Time to spend here: 2 hours to an entire day

#7. Most Popular Museum: Cayman National Museum

Things to do in Cayman Islands

Image credit: Cayman Islands National Museum 

Gain knowledge about the Cayman Islands' culture at Cayman National Museum. The building itself has a great history, serving different purposes throughout the years as an Old Court House, police station, school, storing armament, and office of the first Commissioners. 

See the permanent exhibits and themed displays about Cayman arts and traditions. Kids will stay entertained by the simulated submarine experience and the interactive children's gallery.

Category: Museum
Neighbourhood: Located at George Town, Grand Cayman

Hours of operation: 9 AM to 5 PM

Best for: Art and history buff, families with kids
Time to spend here: 1.5 to 2 hours

#8. Must-See Landmark: Hell Geological Site

Things to do in Cayman Islands


Image credit: Hell Geological Site

Wonder what it’s like to go to Hell? Visit it at Grand Cayman.

This natural landmark gives tourists a bragging right that they’ve been to Hell and survived!

Hell is covered with rugged blackened limestone pinnacles and is estimated to be around 10 to 15 million years old. Try throwing in a pebble and it will sound as if it’s falling all the way down to hell.

Category: Natural landmark
Neighbourhood: Located at West Bay, Grand Cayman and around 1.2 miles to Kittiwake Shipwreck & Artificial Reef

Hours of operation: Accessible all day. Gift shops/restroom: 8 AM to 4 PM only

Best for: Instagrammer, nature lovers
Time to spend here: 1 to 2 hours

#9. Best Cultural Experience: Pedro St. James

Things to do in Cayman Islands

Image credit: Pedro St. James

Take a journey back in time at Pedro St. James National Historic Site, the oldest building in Grand Cayman. 

Over the years, Pedro St. James was used as a courthouse, jail, Government Assembly and restaurant. But it is best known as the “Birthplace of Democracy in the Cayman Islands” when it was used as the venue in 1831 to form the first elected legislature.

You are invited to a multimedia centre where you can watch over 200 years of history. There are other attractions at the site like the Outpost where you can participate in their rum tasting and see the stamp room with rare Caymanian stamps!

Category: Cultural experience
Neighbourhood: At Pedro’s Point on Grand Cayman

Hours of operation: 8:30 AM to 5 PM

Best for: History and culture enthusiasts

Time to spend here: 1-2 hours

#10. Must-See Caves in the Cayman Islands: Skull Cave and Cayman Crystal Cave

Things to do in Cayman Islands

Image credit: Crystal Cave

The bluff in Cayman Brac has several caves but only a few are accessible. One of the best caves you can explore on the island is the Skull Cave. The moniker is after its shape which looks like its yawning opening.

Inside, you'll find vaulted interior, intricate stone gardens, and cream and black striations, and bats. 

Another fascinating cave is the Crystal Cave in Grand Cayman. The guides will tell you the rich history of the cave including how it was used by pirates as hideouts or as shelter from hurricanes back then. 

Category: Caves
Neighbourhood: Skull Cave at Cayman Brac, Crystal Cave in Grand Cayman

Hours of operation: n/a

Best for: Nature lovers

Time to spend here: 1 to 3 hours

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