St. Barts Best Restaurants • Where to Eat in Saint Barthélemy

by Sarah Peterson

Saint Barthélemy, also known as St. Barts, is known as the poshest island in the Caribbean. It’s where celebrities from all over the world go to relax and unwind, and for good reason: it’s stunning beaches, world-recognized food and hotel scene and laid back vibe makes it the perfect getaway . 

Everything in St. Barts is high end; from its boutique stores, to the hotels and resorts and especially its cuisine. 

Being a French island, one can expect authentic French cuisine but the Caribbean influence is present as well. Due to its exclusivity, St. Barts has attracted some of the best chefs in the world, each combining their own style with Caribbean ingredients to create an ensemble of mouth watering flavours. 

To sample these amazing dishes, our guide will show you exactly where to eat in St. Barts.

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Best Restaurants in St. Barts:

St. Barts Food: Your Guide to St. Barts Cuisine 

The wide array of flavours you will experience in St. Barts are influenced by French, West Indian, Creole, Italian and Asian cuisine. West Indian dishes are common across the island, mainly steamed vegetables with fish. Creoloe dishes are spicier, like Accra, a spicy Creole dish - salt cod fritters served in a spicy sauce.

St. Barts is such a foodie paradise that the island hosts gastronomic events throughout the year. The island is also popular with wine connoisseurs and the La Cave de Saint Barthélemy cellar in Marigot stocks some 250,000 bottles!

10 Best Restaurants in St. Barts

Many of the best restaurants in St. Barts are situated in hotels but non-guests have access to them. Here’s our top picks of the 10 best restaurants in St. Barts.

#1. Orega 

best restaurants in St. Barts

Located in the centre of Gustavia, across from the Anglican church is Orega, which means “it’s mine” in Japanese. Orega is a Japanese restaurant that specializes in sushi, but that’s not all. 

It’s identity, according to chef Clement Laffitte, is Franco-Japanese, a fusion of French and Japanese dishes. The best ingredients are flown in from Tokyo, New York, and Paris to achieve this combination. 

Since it is a predominantly Japanese restaurant, travelers have commented that the sushi here is the best they’ve had, and the quality of the fish across all dishes is outstanding. The bar is equally impressive and serves a range of wines, beers and cocktails. Reservations can be made on their website and they accept American Express, Mastercard and Visa. 

Neighborhood: Gustavia.

Type: A fusion of French and Japanese cuisine. 

Best for: Sushi, seafood. 

#2. Le Tamarin

best restaurants in St. Barts

Experience the romantic setting of Le Tamarin as you dine in the middle of an enchanting garden full of palm trees and lily ponds, with the mountain tops peeking overhead. The menu is extensive, catering to full 3 course meals with enough options for each course. Travelers recommend the tuna tartare with caviar and the foie gras. Vegan and gluten-free options are included in the menu. A separate drinks menu boasts French, Asian as well as local cocktails, wines and champagnes. 

Parking is validated as well as a valet option. Seating is both indoor and outdoor but for obvious reasons, you will no doubt want the unique outdoor ambience. Most major credit cards are accepted, but remember to carry cash for tipping!

Neighborhood: Grande Saline

Type: French and international cuisine.

Best for: Couples looking for a romantic dinner with superb outdoor ambience. 

#3. La Petite Colombe

best restaurants in St. Barts

Travelers are simply raving about La Petite Colombe, citing it as the best place to have breakfast in St. Barts. 

Even those staying at 5 star hotels where breakfast is included choose to get their breakfast from La Petite Colombe. It is a smaller cafe type restaurant specializing in breakfast, lunch and brunch and people flock here for their mouthwatering croissants.

Travelers even use this little restaurant to fill up their picnic baskets on their way to an outdoor adventure.Their cakes are quite sought after as well! We recommend you go here early as travelers have noted it gets very busy, and it's not hard to see why.

Neighborhood: Gustavia.

Type: Specializes in pastries and cakes. 

Best for: Family Breakfast and picnics. 

#4. Santa Fe

best restaurants in St. Barts

Santa Fe has a magical view from the terrace seating, where you can not only see the ocean below, but also the neighbouring islands. It has a lobster tank where you can pick out your own lobster, and travelers have recommended the octopus and suckling pig dishes. 

There is a full bar, with a special house rum, served chilled in a shot glass. Reservations are recommended, which can be done via their website. You can also download the menus from the website if you really want to plan ahead, and all major credit cards are accepted. If you’re going here for the view, we recommend lunch, since the neighbouring islands are most visible during the day.

Neighborhood: Lurin.

Type: Seafood, local and French cuisine.

Best for: Anyone looking to dine with a panoramic ocean view. 

#5. Bonito

best restaurants in St. Barts

At Bonito their philosophy of relaxation and well-being is embodied in what they call the “Bonito spirit”, striving to make the atmosphere as welcoming and homely as possible. Relaxation is enhanced with the lovely view of the yachts in the Gustavia harbour. Seven specialty cooks working under head chef Laurent Cantineaux extend the “Bonito spirit” to the kitchen where they marry South American cuisine with French gastronomy. 

A live DJ is present to set the mood for your evening and even the song selection has your relaxation in mind. The bar is a separate experience in itself with specialty cocktails and an extensive list of spirits and wines. The vibe in this restaurant is not to be missed!

Neighborhood: Gustavia. 

Type: South America, French, Caribbean. 

Best for: Groups and special occasion dining. 

#6. L’Esprit 

best restaurants in St. Barts

At L’Esprit one of the best tables on the island and an acclaimed culinary experience is brought to you by famed chef Jean-Claude Dufour, formerly of Eden Rock. L'Esprit captures a romantic tropical garden ambience while overlooking the ocean. 

With a mixture of classic and new recipes, start with the duck spring rolls, white cabbage and mango salad, or the seared foie gras. Specialities include roast pigeon, chestnut-artichoke tortellini, or braised veal with ravioli, and butternut blinis. 

There’s also an amazing selection of seafood dishes, like the lobster ravioli, roast scallops with coppa, or turbot steaks. End with the house made ice cream or sorbet. 

Neighborhood: Saline.

Type: French, seafood. 

Best for: Couples looking for a romantic dinner with an ambience to match. 

#7. L’Isola

best restaurants in St. Barts

L’Isola is an authentic Italian restaurant with sophisticated recipes made from ingredients imported directly from Italy. The ambience is sophisticated and warm with soft lighting and vintage Italian decor, catering for romantic fine dining as well as large groups, including families with children. The full bar stocks an array of spirits and beers, and the wine list is impressive. 

The authenticity of Italian cuisine is brought out in their house made fresh pasta dishes, Italian breads, Taglioni and Ravioli, as well as authentic Italian sauces. Reservations are not essential, but recommended for groups. Valet parking for your convenience, and all major credit cards are accepted. 

Neighborhood: Gustavia.

Type: Authentic Italian cuisine

Best for: Fine dining for two, families and groups. 

#8. Eddy’s Ghetto

best restaurants in St. Barts

Eddy’s Ghetto has been cited by travelers as the best place for authentic local Creole food, namely Codfish Fritters! 

Asian cuisine is also a speciality here, especially the spiced lamb and prawn curry. It’s main dining room is made out of teak wood and it’s decor retains the charm of St. Barts laid back lifestyle. 

Surrounded by almond and palm trees, Eddy’s has a loyal clientele from all over the world. It’s a great location for private events, especially in the outside garden area. There is a full bar with great local cocktails and groups gather here to watch sports and enjoy a drink. Eddy’s is a popular restaurant with the locals and returning travelers, so reservations are recommended as it gets quite busy at dinner. 

Neighborhood: Gustavia

Type: Authentic local cuisine, Asian.

Best for: Anyone wanting to sample local Creole food. Families, groups.

#9. Black Ginger

best restaurants in St. Barts

Situated in the heart of Gustavia, Black Ginger is an 100% authentic Thai restaurant with menus crafted by a trio of Thai chefs from Bangkok. The stunning decor and designer furniture in the courtyard will have you dining under the starry sky in style. The courtyard has a sliding roof which closes if it rains, but is otherwise open so you can dine in the open air. Private seating areas are available on the roof. 

Thai cuisine, as you know, can be spicy and for those who appreciate a little zing in their plate and green curry are a must try. The full bar serves an impressive array of drinks from both Thailand and other parts of the world. There’s also a takeout option if you want to grab something to go.

Neighborhood: Gustavia

Type: Authentic Thai cuisine.

Best for: Lovers of spicy food and Thai cuisine.  

#10. La Langouste 

best restaurants in St. Barts

 La Langouste is by far the most recommended restaurant by travelers for lobster in St. Barts, especially the Lobster Thermidor. You can choose the one you want from a tank and it will be grilled and served to you with 3 special sauces. Meat lovers will enjoy the lamb shank, chicken kebab, beef and veal. For seafood, there is a variety of fish, including sole meuniere, seabass, raw fish, tuna and sea bream. 

Located inside the Baie Des Anges hotel, La Langouste restaurant is poolside on an outdoor deck, with views of Flamands beach. The owner is a St. Barts native so you can expect authentic Creole cuisine, such as Cod Fritters and Mahi-Mahi. After your meal you can enjoy a walk on the beach or a drink at the bar. Parking can be validated at the hotel so you can take your time here.

Neighborhood: Flamands.

Type: Authentic Creoloe, French. 

Best for: Couples, families. Anyone wanting to spend the day at Flamands beach.

St. Barts is upmarket in every aspect and its restaurants are no different. The very best chefs, armed with the most authentic ingredients flown in from all over the world, bring you a palate of mouth watering cuisine that is largely a fusion of French and Caribbean cuisine. 

But our list above includes several individually authentic cuisines as well, giving you a variety of dining options during your stay in St. Barts. Bon Appetit!

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