Refer Your Crew

Introducing our Flight Crew Club Ambassador Program.

Get rewarded for doing what you were going to do anyway - using FLIGHTFŪD products and telling your fellow crew members about it!

Now you can empower your colleagues to feel their best at work by inviting your flight crew and get rewarded. 

You’ll earn 15%+ of every order that your referral makes for the life of their membership.

For example, this means that if you refer a fellow FA to the program (let's call her Jen) and Jen remains a member for a year, you’ll earn 15% of her purchases for the entire year.

Sweet right?

All they have to do is use your unique referral link or code to sign up to the Flight Crew Club.

How to Find Your Referral Link

If you're a Flight Crew Club member, you're automatically eligible to get commissions on everyone you refer. 

Only Flight Crew Club members are eligible for the referral program. If you're not a member already, join and you'll automatically be enrolled. 

You'll receive your referral link via email a few days after you join the program. 

As a Flight Crew Club member, not only do you get all of the membership perks, but you also get: 

  • Free samples of our new products before anybody else tries them.
  • Up to 30% commission based on performance.
  • Cash bonuses, gifts, and freebies for top referrers. 

    Commission Potential 

    Amount Commission Tier (%) Earnings ($)
    Up to $1000 15% Up to $105
    $1000-$4999 20% Up to $999
    $4999-$9999 25% Up to $2499
    Over $10,000 30% Unlimited