How to Use Inflight Elixir

You booked your flight, packed your bags, ordered your Flight Elixir (of course!) and you're ready to take off. 

The only thing left is this handy how-to guide on getting the most out of your new favorite travel buddy (oh, and making sure you don't forget your passport). 

Here's an easy 4-step guide on using Flight Elixir so you can travel more and stay healthy.

Step 1: Pack a Bag of Flight Elixir in Your Carry-On

Each bag of contains 8 stick packs of Flight Elixir, and will cover you for 24 hours of flying.

Step 2: Drink One Pack of Flight Elixir 1-2 Hours Before Your Flight

Drink one pack before and after your flight, and for every four hours of flying.

Step 3: Combine Flight Elixir with 8-16oz of Water

One of the six health impacts of flying is dehydration. We developed Flight Elixir as a drink mix to encourage hydration and increase water intake.

Step 4: Shake It Up to Combine

Flight Elixir is made from whole foods powders and has no fillers, additives, or artificial colors. Shake it up before consuming to combine.

Bonus Step: Share With Us and Win

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